Girls creator Lena Dunham has discussed what dating is like after going sober in an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Earlier this year, Lena Dunham spent a summer living and working in Wales. The actor and director was filming her new TV show, Industry. But, as she revealed in a personal essay for the Guardian, Dunham also used the opportunity to help get over her former relationship with Jack Antonoff.

“I came to Wales with all my art supplies and no lacy underwear,” she wrote. “I had zero fantasies about summer romance. I hadn’t had sex in seven months so I felt fine about eating all the Welsh cakes.”

Since then, Dunham has also talked publicly about her recent experience of getting sober.

Speaking at an awards ceremony she talked about what life was like living with addiction just before she went into rehab.

”Seemingly overnight I had lost almost all of what I held dear. My relationships, my body and my career were in relative shambles from decisions I had made and things that had happened,” she said.

But, thanks in part the to support she received from other women in rehab, Dunham is now sober.

In a new interview, the former Stylist guest editor has revealed just how tough she has found sober dating since her recovery – especially during her time in the UK.

Speaking on The Jonathon Ross Show, which airs on Saturday 7 December, Dunham says: “I’m sober, it’s a choice, and I would say sober dating in the UK is a roughie.”

She continues: “It was easy to find guys when I would drink because I would drink a lot, go over to their house, throw up and then they would have to let me stay.

“But in Wales when I was being a polite woman of dignity and grace, much more challenging.”

Although Dunham is clearly trying to add light to the situation, her words have a dark and worrying truth about the common reliance on alcohol when it comes to dating. 

Watch Lena Dunham on The Jonathan Ross Show

But it sounds like Dunham is in a very good place at the moment. She recently announced a new HBO series that she is working on called Generation. Writing in a social media post, she described the show as a “high school dramedy” that has a “joyful brilliant cast and a storyline full of hot spilled tea”. 

We can’t wait to see the projects that Dunham has been working on once they hit our screens next year.

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