Joanna Lumley recalls working with the ‘Titanic’ actor in the Martin Scorsese-directed movie and she was astonished by how ‘humble’ and ‘kind-hearted’ the star was.

AceShowbiz -Dame Joanna Lumley says working with Leonardo DiCaprio made her heart “beat a little faster.” Playing the role of Aunt Emma in the Hollywood actor’s 2013 film “[=The Wolf of Wall Street]” – in which he portrayed the real-life fraudulent stockbroker Jordan Belfort, the BAFA-winning actress admitted her heart was fluttering at the thought of working with the heartthrob but she was amazed by how down to earth and “humble” he was.

“My heart did beat a little faster at the thought of working with Leonardo DiCaprio. He was just golden. He couldn’t have been sweeter or more courteous,” she told Heat magazine.

“I was afraid he may be a bit of a Hollywood brat, but he turned out to be the sweetest, most modest, kind-hearted, good-natured, humble, adorable man. So, that was good, wasn’t it? It would have been awful if he was a horrible boy!”

The only other person who got her starstruck was the late “diva” Ava Gardner, who was part of the Golden Age era of Hollywood. She said, “She was a movie star like Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe – a legend. She couldn’t have been sweeter, but to begin with, mine and the rest of the cast’s hearts were pounding.”

Meanwhile, Joanna previously confessed she thought Bill Clinton was “stupendously good-looking” when they met. The 76-year-old actress crossed paths with the then-US president at a “marvellous party” thrown by the UK Prime Minister and she thought he stood out from all the other guests in attendance.

She said, “I went to a marvellous party at No 10 when President Clinton was in power. He was stupendously good-looking, with piercing blue eyes, and seemed to be seven feet taller than everybody else.”

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