The ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star, who is slated to begin his 33-month prison sentence next week, says he needs to undergo a medical procedure for a mass discovered on his thigh.

AceShowbizMally Mall is putting his health before his legal responsibilities. The rapper, who was sentenced to nearly three years in jail for running illegal prostitution ring, is asking to postpone his prison surrender date to undergo a medical procedure.

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, the 44-year-old says he has discovered a mass on his thigh. He is seeking to push back the time to relinquish himself to the state because the mass will requite a CT scan and biopsy in order to determine if it’s cancerous or not.

The documents go on saying that Mally will undergo a procedure to remove the mass in the next month or so, whether it is malignant or not. For this reason, he asks to push back his date to surrender 3 months from August 13 to November 12.

In the same documents, Mally raises an issue with the facility he is designated to. He claims that when he received his sentence in May, he was designated to serve his time in a medium-security facility, which he calls “unexpected.” With the three-month delay, he is also seeking redesignation to another facility.

Mally pleaded guilty to one count of use of an interstate facility in aid of unlawful activity back in October 2019. He was accused of running the illegal business from April 2002 until September 2014, which allegedly earned him millions of dollars.

As part of his plea deal, he got 33 months in prison, which was the maximum he could get under a plea deal, for running illegal prostitution ring. He, however, later claimed that he was blackmailed by a crooked FBI agent into pleading guilty in the case. While admitting that he did plead guilty to one count of use of an interstate facility in aid of unlawful activity, he insisted it had nothing to do with prostitution.

In an interview with The Neighborhood Talk, the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star said the FBI agent coerced and even threatened women to speak out against him in exchange for money. He added that the FBI agent was angry that he wouldn’t turn over any of his “cop” friends who may or may not have been involved in his dealings.

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