Last May, we learned that 54-year-old Marc Anthony was engaged to 23-year-old Nadia Ferreira. They announced everything kind of all at once because no one really knew they were dating and then BAM! Nadia has a hunk of ice on her finger. Marc and Nadia like to surprise us, it’s what keeps our relationship fresh. They slipped off and got married a few weeks ago in Miami with several flashy guests like the senior Beckhams (Victoria is p*ssed I said that), Lin Manuel Miranda and Salma Hayek. For Valentine’s Day, they gave us another surprise, a baby announcement. That’s right, Nadia is expecting her first child and Marc’s seventh.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira have a baby on the way!

The couple shared the sweet news that Ferreira is pregnant with their first child together in a joint Instagram post on Tuesday, writing, “Best Valentine’s Gift Ever!!!”

The photo is a shot of Ferreira’s baby bump, with her hand on Anthony’s hand as he places it on her belly.

“Gracias Dios por esta bendición tan grande en nuestras vidas. ♥️,” the couple wrote in Spanish, which roughly translates to: “Thank you God for this great blessing in our lives.”

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I wouldn’t want to start again at Marc’s age. But I’m sure he took into account that a 23-year-old bride is going to want kids. And they’ll have plenty of help, since Marc’s kids range in ages from 28-14. That’s soon to be 0-28, God help him. Let’s get a poll going as to who the nanny/manny will be closer in age to. I’m guessing the middle children, which also happens to be the same age as Nadia. Oof, Marc must need a color coded spreadsheet for these birthdays. I’m teasing! I don’t care about age differences, but they do make for good jokes.

However, children are a joyous announcement. And Marc isn’t ancient (I hope not, we’re the same age). He’s had some back issues that I hope are healing. Nadia’s young, she has enough energy for both of them. They got started early, which may mean they intend to have had a big brood. Bigger, I mean – Marc’s current family isn’t exactly small. So congratulations to the newlyweds on their impending arrival!

Oooh – wedding video! But it’s on its side?

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