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Meghan Markle's first boyfriend has revealed that she might be planning a political career in the US – and says he believes she would be "great" in the role.

Joshua Silverstein spoke to Lorraine on Tuesday morning about his ex's "trajectory of success", saying she had had a clear plan of what she wanted her future to be even when they were dating at 13 years old.

He said: "I definitely have nothing but respect for her and what it looks like she’s doing. I love that she and Harry are working on this documentary with Oprah about mental health. I think mental health is one of the biggest crises in our world right now and so that’s great they’ll be drawing all that attention to that.

"I even heard that she might run for Office in the States here. Depending on who she surrounds herself with, that could be great.

"So I support her as long as she’s keeping her focus on change and awareness and trying to make the world a better place – that’s awesome.”

Joshua added that he could see from an early age that Meghan was going to do something remarkable with her life.

He said: "Meghan was always a strong, confident young person and it was very clear to me at the time that we were together, I would say, she had a very clear idea of where she wanted her path to take her."

"We stayed friends throughout high school. I would see her every now and again at the church we were going to. I mostly stayed in contact with her mum and her mum would let me know what she’s up to, ‘Meg’s doing this’ and ‘Meg’s in Canada’, ‘Meg’s modelling, Meg’s acting’. I always knew she was busy and keeping on her trajectory of success."

Joshua said that Meghan was already in a position of power, whether or not she pursues a political career.

He said: "She has a lot of access but also a lot of responsibility to the country now. She’s a figure head. A lot of people are looking up to her for her guidance as a role model, young black girls, looking at Meghan now in ways I’m sure Meghan is taking very seriously, so the fact that she’s a mother and this pop culture figure, she’s got a lot on her hands."

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