Miss Dubai Megan Pormer received a special honor from the Arab Fashion Council during Dubai Fashion Week earlier this month!

The actress, activist, and model was awarded a Gold Medal from the council because of her career achievements, as well as her contributions to cancer awareness across the globe and her work bringing western designers to the Middle East.

Megan has also been appointed as an ambassador to the Arab Fashion Council.

“It has always been my goal to use my international status as a model and actress and my knowledge of biomedical engineering to connect fashion and beauty with well-being and health. It is with immense gratitude that I accept my appointment to be the Arab Fashion Council’s Ambassador. I pledge to advance the vision of the Council,” she said in a statement.

Megan and the Arab Fashion Council are also honoring fashion designer Iris Van Herpen with a Gold Meal of Honor in recognition of her lifetime achievement. Megan and the Arab Fashion Council hosted Iris in Dubai.

Megan and Iris attended an awards ceremony earlier this month during Dubai Fashion Week and you can see photos from the event in our gallery!

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