This week in celebrities getting tattoos printed across their entire face: Amber Rose.

Rose, who began her career modeling and has appeared in multiple music videos through the 2000s, including ones for Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Whiz Khalifa, has inked “Bash” and “Slash” across her forehead.

Bash is the name of Rose’s 7-year-old son, Sebastian, who she shares with Khalifa. (The two divorced in 2016 after three years of marriage.) “Slash” refers to Rose’s newborn.

Before Khalifa, Rose dated Kanye West for two years and was with him that night at the MTV Video Music Awards when West memorably stole the spotlight from a 17-year-old Taylor Swift. (Remember? Afterwards, President Barack Obama called West a “jackass.” Oh, 2009.)

Following Rose’s tattoo, her boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, a music executive, matched her ink with a pair of birth dates—one for Bash and one for Slash, his biological son.

Rose has taken a heap of unfair criticism over the years and been the butt of sexist jokes, particularly by notable Jackass Kanye West. West said in an interview that before he began dating Kim Kardashian, and after breaking up with Rose, he had to take “30 showers.”

In 2015, Rose began an annual “Slut Walk” in Downtown L.A. where “30 showers” became a sort of rallying cry among participants, all of whom had marched to show solidarity for women who are judged and sexually demeaned.

Say what you want about Rose’s forehead ink, but remember she’s her own woman and she can do whatever she wants. … But, also, like, did she have to use so big a font?

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