Zoe Kravitz has said she is “slowly learning” to believe that she is hired because of her talent and not her surname.

The 30-year-old actress and singer said she used to question whether having Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet as parents opened doors for her.

She told British Vogue: “When I got into acting school, I never knew if it was because of my audition or my last name.

“But I’m slowly learning that no director will hire me because of my surname.

“The first 10 years of my career have been about proving myself.

“I now finally feel like I’m in a place where I’m able to say ‘I deserve this’, and ‘I worked really hard’. I’m getting better.”

The Fantastic Beasts star said of growing up: “School was hard for me. My peers were wealthy white kids – jocks and cheerleaders – and I felt super alienated.

“On the cusp of being a teenager you’re trying to figure out who you are, and when there is no reflection of you anywhere you look, you feel like a freak.”

She said her decade-long eating disorder, which began at 13, “came from a lot of things”.

“My mother was so beautiful and so tiny, I always felt clunky around her, and then my dad was always surrounded by supermodels,” she told the July issue of the magazine.

Kravitz is reported to have secretly married actor Karl Glusman.

She said of the couple first meeting in a bar in 2016: “I love that it wasn’t on an app and that it wasn’t on a movie set.”

The July issue of British Vogue is available on digital download and on newsstands from Friday.

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