Myleene Klass has reached out to her fans on Instagram, thanking them for their support after she bravely opened up about her heartbreaking experience with miscarriage.

After her moving documentary, Myleene Klass: Miscarriage and me, aired on Thursday night, Myleene took to Instagram to thank fans for their kind words and messages of love.

She said: “Thank you to everyone that watched Myleene Klass #miscarriageandme tonight.

“I have literally thousands of messages. And to think I ever thought I was alone.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank those who were brave enough to make this with me.

“To leave themselves so vulnerable in the quest to help others and speak the truth. May the ripples of what we’ve started continue to grow.”

Myleene has been bravely open about her four tragic miscarriages. She told Newsnight: "You walk down to theatre, you are wearing the exact same clothes that you wear when you give birth, but there's nothing at the end. It's horrific.”

Explaining how it “turns your world upside down,” Myleene added: "I think it definitely changes how you view the world.

“I don't ask anybody anymore if they have a family, I must seem like the most disinterested person."

And in her W Channel documentary, she recalled: “I woke up and it was bleeding and it wasn't like normal bleeding.

"I think the language around miscarriage – miss, you miss something – it's just always so negative. A failed pregnancy, an incompetent cervix.

“It just goes on and on, 'how did you lose the baby?' and so immediately the first thing you do, is you look inwardly.”

The singer added: "That's part of the reason why I wanted to make this documentary. You already feel like you've failed, and you look for that safety in numbers with other women who've been through this.

"I lost a lot of me. I couldn't talk about it for a year, I couldn't even say the word."

Rainbow babies is the term now adopted for babies who arrive after a miscarriage, like Myleene’s son Apollo.

Opening up about the grief of losing a child to Lorraine Kelly, Myleene revealed that her daughter Hero describes her miscarried children as “angel babies.”

Myleene, who also has another daughter called Ava, said: "I had a birthday recently for one of my children and there were other children there that were there that would've been the same age as… you know, as Hero describes them 'angel babies'."

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