Nick Jonas is opening up about how his purity ring, which he wore as a child, shaped his view of sex.

“The values behind the idea of understanding what sex is, and what it means, are incredibly important. When I have children, I’ll make sure they understand the importance of sex, and consent, and all the things that are important,” Nick told The Guardian.

He continued, “What’s discouraging about that chapter of our life is that at 13 or 14 my sex life was being discussed. It was very tough to digest it in real time, trying to understand what it was going to mean to me, and what I wanted my choices to be, while having the media speaking about a 13-year-old’s sex life. I don’t know if it would fly in this day and age. Very strange.”

If you don’t know, purity rings are worn as a signal that the wearer is abstaining from sex until marriage. All three Jonas Brothers wore purity rings.

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