Nicole Byer Called Out Netflix After They Erased Her From A "Nailed It!" Thumbnail

Netflix’s amateur baking show Nailed It! is a real joy if you love watching people who can’t tell modeling chocolate from their ass fail to recreate complicated cakes before a panel of judges in an attempt to win money. It’s also great if you’re a fan of the show’s boisterous, high-energy host, comedian Nicole Byer. But never would I try to sell it based on the chemistry between judge Jacques Torres and assistant director Wes. But Netflix did, and Nicole was pissed enough to tweet about it.

E! News says this all started after a Twitter user tweeted the thumbnail that came up for Nailed It! on Netflix’s main page. The tweet, which has since been deleted, showed Nicole’s co-host and judge, pastry chef Jacques Torres, assistant director Weston “Wes” Bahr (who often gets dragged out from behind the camera by Nicole), and a mannequin head. No Nicole to be found. The Twitter user was talking about the Netflix thumbnail algorithm, which picks thumbnails based on what they think you might be interested in. For example, if Netflix thinks you’re into shows about wacky white guys, then they might get you to watch Nailed It! by making it seem like it’s a wacky show about two wacky white guys and their wacky fruit-loving robot housekeeper.

Netflix has explained previously that people respond to lively faces in thumbnails. They also respond to villains.

Nicole didn’t like that a fake plastic head got more thumbnail real estate than she did, and she let it be known in a series of tweets (that have also since been deleted).

“If Netflix didn’t sign my checks and give me a huge platform and opportunity to showcase my comedy. I would talk about how fucked up and disrespectful this is to me a black woman. Also how black women are a lot of times erased from many different conversations. I would talk about how it makes me know my true value as the host of the show where I work incredibly hard to elevate the material given to me. Lot of moments people love are improvised.

I would talk about how this essentially white washing for more views. But they sign my checks and I’m honestly so happy and greatful [sic] to and for the show and no sarcasm I love my job and wish to keep it so I’ll be quiet. To be clear. I know there are thumbnails with and without my face…This one just seems for lack of a better word deliberate. Again I love my job.”

Not too long after Nicole slapped at Netflix for botching that thumbnail like a Nailed It! contestant botched a cake, she deleted her tweets and replaced them with this one.

That sounds very nice of them. Except Netflix is still a soulless, cold corporation, so part of me believes they also told Nicole to stop talking shit about Netflix before threatening to replace her with her look-a-like, Silky Nutmeg Ganache. “She’ll do anything to be on television. Plus, her name already sounds like a cake. Don’t think we won’t do it!

Pic: Netflix, Twitter via E! News

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