Strictly Come Dancing: Celebrity revealed as Eastenders' Nina Wadia

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EastEnders star Nina Wadia had admitted her husband had a hilarious reaction to her deciding to do Strictly Come Dancing. Opening up to and other media, the Death in Paradise actress revealed all.

Nina is one of the soap stars set to compete in the latest edition of Strictly.

The actress will be donning sequins for the occasion as the show is set to begin later this week.

However, when she shared her family’s reaction, the star admitted not everyone was thrilled with the news.

Speaking to reporters, Nina said: “My daughter is very happy.

“My husband put his hands on his head and went, ‘Oh, I have to sit through recordings.’

“And my son said don’t embarrass me.”

Nina then went on to joke that her husband won’t be supporting her from the sidelines every week.

She said: “My husband will come down, I think he said, ‘Just the once’

“Poor guy, I feel for him. He’s in the business, he’s a composer and musician.

“And so unless he’s actually doing something, he doesn’t like sitting around for too long.”

However, Nina went on to explain he has also vowed to come and support her whenever she needs him.

“But he will absolutely come support me,” she added.

“He said whatever you want, he’s going to do.”

Nina is married to composer Raiomond Mirza who she first met when she was in Canada.

They tied the knot there in 1998 and have two children together.

Nadia also opened up on how she feels about going in front of the nation on the show.

She explained: “I’ve done it so many times, the only difference is I’m doing it as myself and not as a character, which is why I think I’ll have to be in character for each of these dances.

“Because if I don’t, then it won’t be very good.

“So whatever the theme of the week is, I’ll create a woman for that week.”

Strictly Come Dancing launches on BBC One on Saturday, September 18.

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