“Back then, people were acting like I was the bad person or the villain,” the hotel heiress explained.

Paris Hilton’s media coverage following the release of a sex tape in 2004 would play out differently in today’s #MeToo era, according to the hotel heiress.

In a recent Los Angeles Times interview, the 38-year-old business mogul revealed how she was publicly shamed at the age of 20 after an ex released an explicit video of the pair without her consent, and believes the tables would be turned with the current cultural shift against sexual harassment and abuse.

"Thank God," Hilton said. "Back then, people were acting like I was the bad person or the villain — Today, if that happened, whoever did that to the person would be [vilified]."

The international DJ said the experience changed how she viewed the world and ultimately branded her for life.

"As a little girl, I always looked up to Princess Diana and women like that who I respected so much," Hilton began. "And I felt that when that man put out that tape, it basically took that away from me because, for the rest of my life, people are going to judge me and think of me in a certain way just because of a private moment with someone that [I] trusted and loved.”

And even though the sex tape — which came out shortly after the hugely successful debut of her reality series "A Simple Life" — brought her another level of fame, Paris said, "It’s not something that I would ever want to be known for."

But she has found some peace as her reputation as a fashion designer, charity ambassador, film producer and fragrance tycoon has become widely known as well.

"I now feel comfortable enough with myself to tell my story. I wasn’t really before," she confessed.

Kim Kardashian even gave props to Paris for her current pop culture status and leading the way as an influencer, even though the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star had a sex tape come out when her fame was rising as well.

"Paris, in my eyes, has done a lot for me in my career," the makeup mogul confessed. "A lot of people became aware of who I was through my friendship with her. She was always really supportive."

Now the "Stars Are Blind" songstress is following in her family’s footsteps as a real estate magnate with plans of opening boutique hotels and clubs around the world.

"I didn’t want to just be known as the Hilton Hotel granddaughter. I just want people to know the real me," Paris said.

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