Ahead of the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing, Peter Andre has been reminiscing about his time on the show – and he's now shared his biggest regret about appearing in his new! column.

The dad of four has also revealed what it's like being back on stage in a production of Grease, and shared his best wishes for Olly Murs following his recent health news. Sign up – for free! – below to read what he has to say.

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It's all go!

This week we’re in Plymouth with the Grease tour. It’s been an unbelievable run – non-stop really. We have been performing to sell-out crowds and it’s so amazing to be back. I will also be headlining a concert in Leeds next Friday, which will be fantastic.

So it’s just go, go, go for me at the moment. I’m really happy I’m back on the road performing my music again, though. It’s been way too long. You may have seen a few pictures of Junior joining me on stage recently. I’m surprised he got out of bed for the occasion actually! All joking aside, he is gearing up for college. He’s a very talented boy.

Get well soon

Olly Murs is recovering from surgery after a fragment of bone dislodged from his knee during his performance on stage. I hope he recovers soon.

There was one time when I hurt myself on stage during a performance at the Royal Albert Hall. I jumped off the podium and I sprained my ankle, but I carried on the night. It was incredibly painful, but I didn’t realise the extent of the damage until afterwards. Luckily, I’ve never broken a bone in all these years – and I’m quite clumsy, so I’m very surprised!

Jezza under fire

Jeremy Clarkson was criticised for his comments about coronavirus this week when he said, “If you die, you die.” I don’t know in what context he said it, so I’ll be careful not to judge. But, if he said it how it sounds, I totally understand the criticism.

My parents are in their 80s and it would petrify me to think of what would happen if they caught coronavirus. They’re both double vaccinated, thank God, and they live in Australia. But, there are reports of healthy 40-year-olds and 30-year-olds contracting the virus and saying, “I wish I had been vaccinated.” And then they’ve sadly died. It really is a scary thing. I think people need to wake up and know this isn’t a joke. Yes, many people will recover and get off lightly, but there will also be many deaths and it’s important we all try to minimise those numbers.

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Dance is dance

Strictly Come Dancing is back soon and John Whaite will be partnered up in the show’s first male same-sex partnership. It shouldn’t have taken this long, in my opinion. Dance is dance. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a man dancing with a woman or a man dancing with a man – it’s about the art of dance. I’ve been on stage many times with all-male dancers. What is the difference?

When I look back at my time on Strictly, it was an amazing experience. I remember being so nervous every single time before going onto the dance floor. I used to be petrified as soon as the music started playing. There was so much pressure to do well. The best memory for me was when Janette [Manrara] and I danced the Charleston. I’ll never forget getting my first 10s and a standing ovation from all the judges. Len Goodman had just undergone a knee operation, and he said, “Even though I’ve had a knee operation, I have to stand up for this.” That was a magic moment for me.

But what I tend to do in those situations is sabotage myself. I may have reached that goal of achieving those 10s, but after that, I seemed to lose some of my zing. It was so tough because I really wanted to get Janette to the final. When she got to the final with HRVY last year, it made me very happy. She deserved it more than anyone.

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