Some of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star’s devotees also say that they receive similar treatment when they stop by Sammy’s Pizza and Grill at LAX, Los Angeles.

AceShowbizPorsha Williams had a not-so-nice experience when she was waiting for her flight on Wednesday, June 12 at LAX in Los Angeles. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star just wanted to enjoy good food at Sammy’s Pizza & Grill, only to leave disappointed as she was treated badly by the staff at the restaurant.

Taking to her Twitter account to share her experience with her followers, Porsha wrote, “This restaurant in the LAX airport is completely racist ! The manager just threaten to call police on me for no reason.” The “Dish Nation” host additionally attached a picture of the restaurant’s logo that was taken when she was still inside.

Her followers, obviously, wanted to know more details about what happened. However, Porsha said that she already boarded her plane and could not give the full story. “On my flight will post the whole story when I land!” she promised in another tweet.

Even though her devotees still have to wait a little bit longer until they can fully learn of the incident, some others have given their testimonies and stated that the restaurant indeed treated their customers badly. There was one who posted a screengrab of several reviews from previous customers, with one claiming to have witnessed “the manager snap at a customer who was missing most of his order and threaten to call the airport police to have him banned from his flight..”

“Our waitress (Isabella) was so rude to us and the lady at the table next to us,” a black woman named Armeythea James shared. “All the lady ask for was a glass of water… We ended up giving the lady ours.” One other said, “It is racist af I went there with my mom and younger brother and they were so rude to us! Porsha is not lying! It’s disgusting racist acts are still happening!”

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