The Duke and Duchess of Sussex‘s interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on Sunday night, and is set to air in the UK on Monday evening. Following the airing of the show in the US, find out every surprising revelation made by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry throughout the episode… 

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Meghan didn’t do any research into the royal family 

Meghan revealed that she has never Googled Prince Harry before they met, saying that everything she needed to know about him, she learned from him, and admitted that she didn’t know what to expect when entering the royal family. 

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Meghan knew Eugenie before she met Harry 

The Duchess revealed that she knew Princess Eugenie before she met Prince Harry, and that the pair were friendly with her and her now-husband, Jack Brooksbank. 

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Meghan learned how to curtsey moments before meeting the Queen

Prince Harry checked that Meghan knew how to curtsey while on the way to the house to meet the Queen for the first time, and gave her a quick lesson before meeting Her Majesty. “Apparently I did a very deep curtsey, which I don’t remember,” she joked. 

The interview aired in the US on Sunday night

Meghan and Harry got married three days before the official ceremony 

The pair were married by the Archbishop of Canterbury in secret three days before their hugely publicised wedding, so that they were able to say the vows that they wanted to say to one another in private.

Meghan said that Kate made her cry 

Meghan admitted that although the media claimed that she had made the Duchess of Cambridge cry after a difficult week in the lead-up to the wedding, it was in fact Kate who had made her cry. She said that it was indeed about the flower girl dresses, and Kate apologised to Meghan and bought her flowers afterwards. She explained: “There wasn’t a confrontation and I don’t think it’s fair to her to get into the details of that because she’d apologised and I’d forgiven her. What’s hard to get over is to get blamed over something I didn’t do, and that actually happened to me. 

“I’m not saying it to be disparaging to her… I would have hoped that she would have wanted that corrected… She’s a good person.” 

Meghan opened up about the challenges of joining the royal family

The Queen shared her blanket with Meghan 

The Queen often has a blanket over her knees in the car, and offered to share it with Meghan when they had a joint engagement together. She said: “The Queen has always been wonderful to me… I’ve always loved being in her company.” She also revealed that the monarch gave her some pearl earrings and a matching necklace as a gift. 

Meghan didn’t leave the house in four months 

The Duchess admitted that she wasn’t able to leave the house in four months after the institution wouldn’t let her go to lunch with her friends after saying she was too saturated in the media. She added that a family member suggested that she “lay low” for a while, to which she admitted that she had left the house twice in four months. She admitted that she couldn’t have felt lonelier during the difficult time. 

Meghan called it a lonely time 

Meghan claims the institution didn’t want to make Archie a Prince 

Meghan revealed that the institution decided that Archie wouldn’t be a Prince, and as such wouldn’t receive security. To a shocked Oprah, she said: “He wasn’t going to receive security. It was really hard. This went on for the last few months of our pregnancy when I’m going, ‘Hold on a second.’ 

“How does that work? […] If the title is going to be what affects his protection… we haven’t created this monster machine around us, you let that happen which means our son needs to be safe.” 

When you’re the grandchild of a monarch, when Charles becomes King, automatically Archie and our next child would be prince or princess… it’s not their right to take it away. While I was pregnant they said they wanted to change the convention for Archie, and I just thought, ‘Why?'” She added that she never got an answer to that question.  

Meghan said a family member had concerns about Archie’s skin colour 

The Duchess revealed that Prince Harry told her about a conversation with a family member where there were “concerns” over Archie’s skin tone when he was born. She said: “There was a conversation with Harry about [Archie’s skin colour] what that would mean.” 

Meghan discussed race issues

She didn’t say who was behind the conversation, adding: “I think that would be very damaging to them… but those were conversations the family had with him. It was really hard to see those as compartmentalised conversations.

Meghan said she didn’t want to be alive

Meghan heartbreaking admitted that she had such a difficult time that she “didn’t want to be alive”, and that she struggled to tell Harry how she was feeling. She said: “It was a very real and frightening constant though. I remember that he just cradled me, and I went to the institution and I said I needed to go somewhere and get help, and I was told that I couldn’t, because it wouldn’t be good for the institution.” 

Meghan and Harry are expecting a baby girl

The pair announced the news when Harry joined the interview. Talking about the exciting news, he said: “To have a boy and a girl, what more can you ask for? Now we have our family, the four of us and our two dogs.” They added that they wouldn’t be having more than two children. 

Prince Harry says Prince Charles stopped taking his calls

Prince Harry admitted that he had conversations with his father, Prince Charles, about taking a step back from the royal family “before he stopped taking my calls”. He added that he believes Charles stopped taking his calls because Harry took the situation into his own hands after seeing how it was affecting his family.

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