A brand new Supernatural podcast is coming out!

Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr, who played Chuck Shurley/God and Gabriel on the show, respectively, will be serving as hosts on the new venture, called Supernatural Then and Now.

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The duo will also be joined by Supernatural cast, crew and producers as they share behind-the-scenes-secrets and stories and give an insider’s perspective on the hit show.

Rob and Rich are the perfect people to do this. Not only did they play some of the series’ most iconic characters, but they’ve been stewards of the show to the fans for over a decade, hosting popular events and conventions across the country,” Supernatural producer Bob Singer said in a statement.

According to a press release, Rob and Richard “will lead conversations with guests about behind-the-scenes moments, stories from set and the writers’ room, and peel back the layers of the show to give fans a deeper understanding of both the mythology and the process.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the support the fans of Supernatural have given us over the years. We’re excited to be a part of this special gift to the fans that will arrive just in time for Dean Winchesters’ birthday on, January 24th,” Richared shared, adding, “With 327 episodes, there’s a lot to untangle and so many stories to tell.”

Rob added, “This is a great way for the cast, crew and producers to continue and deepen their relationship with the fans. Even though the series has come to an end, the fans continue to be an incredibly tight and supportive community.”

The podcast, produced by Story Hill Media, will launch on Monday (January 24), with two episodes featuring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Listen to the podcast trailer below!

In case you forgot, a Supernatural prequel series is in early development!

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