Strictly: Robert Webb unveiled as 2021 series contestant

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Comedian Robert Webb has defended his dance background on Let’s Dance for Comic Relief in 2009, as he prepares to make his debut on Strictly Come Dancing. Addressing his experience, the Peep Show star, 48, revealed that he doesn’t feel that he’s at an advantage following his stint 12 years ago, which saw him land first place.

I don’t think I’ll pick up moves any quicker or remember them any better than anybody else

Robert Webb

Speaking about his performance of Flashdance… What a Feeling, Robert admitted that he was “terrified” before taking to the stage.

He said: “I did enjoy Let’s Dance for Comic Relief, but that first performance, that live first heat was the first time I got through the dance from start to finish without stopping and looking at the choreographer not knowing what to do next.

“So that’s why I was in all kinds of terror before that screen went up, but hopefully it won’t be like that this time.”

Dressed in only a black leotard, Robert showcased his enviable dance moves in a black curly wig and a pair of leg warmers, in an attempt to look like Jennifer Beals in the 1983 film.

Addressing his appearance in Strictly, the star confessed that he was relieved at the prospect of long rehearsals as well as having a partner to take to the dancefloor with.

“I think you get a little bit longer to rehearse and secondly I’ve got a partner, so I think that won’t be quite as horrific and I won’t be so badly prepared,” he said.

However, the actor admitted that he doesn’t think that he’s at an advantage because of his time on Comic Relief.

Robert explained: “I don’t think I’ll pick up moves any quicker or remember them any better than anybody else.

“I think when I know what I’m doing it’s going to be alright, but if I get more than half way through then I expect I’ll become very competitive!”

When asked if he was in the show to win it, the star told that he wanted to shrug off any preconceived notions that he was there to “d*** about”.

Robert said: “I am taking Strictly seriously, that part of the audience that recognises me at all and only knows me from Peep Show might think that I’m here to sack it off.

“I’m absolutely not,” he clarified.

He explained: “I’m not interested in that at all because that would immediately be very boring for me as well as the audience.

“I’ll be doing it as well as I can, I want to make the romantic things very romantic and make the passionate things very solid.”

The star went on to confess that he will struggle to perform the tango without looking like a “violent maniac”.

He continued: “It always tickles me watching male celebs do the tango as their idea of looking ultra serious and passionate and masculine sort of translates to looking like they’re about to strangle their partner.

“So it’s going to be fun trying to do that without looking like a violent maniac.

“But I’m anxious to reassure the judges as well as the audience that I’m not here to d*** about,” he added to and other publications.

Speaking about the daring outfits he’ll be taking to the dance floor in, Robert revealed that he’s not afraid to push the limits: “Think I’ve shown I’m not afraid of an extreme costume, I’m not afraid to show a bit of leg.”

Strictly Come Dancing returns to screens today at 7.45pm on BBC One.

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