Ronnie Magro-Ortiz will NOT be charged in his domestic violence case … but his arrest for the alleged incident with his girlfriend, Saffire Matos, is triggering a different legal problem for him.

A rep for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office tells TMZ … they will not charge Ronnie with a misdemeanor, but instead will move to violate his probation and will hold a hearing on the matter next month.

As we reported … Ronnie didn’t get charged with a felony in the case because the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office determined it didn’t have sufficient evidence to convict him. That’s how his case ended up in the City Attorney’s Office.

Now, the one issue remaining — his potential probation violation. Remember, Ronnie’s on probation for a domestic violence case involving his ex, Jenn Harley. He could find out his fate during next month’s hearing, and, yes … jail time is a real possibility.

As we first reported … Saffire called the police following an argument that allegedly turned physical. Following Ronnie’s arrest, Saffire took to social media to downplay the allegations.

Ronnie’s attorney, Scott Leemon, tells TMZ … ““We are very happy that after further investigation both the LA County District Attorney’s office and the LA City Attorney’s office determined that criminal charges were not warranted against Ronnie related to the incident that occurred in April.”

He continues, “We will review the alleged violation of probation claim and deal with it accordingly. As for Ronnie personally, he is currently seeking medical treatment for psychological issues that he has ignored for a long time. His only present goal is to address these issues professionally and make himself and better person and the best father he can be to his loving daughter.”

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