Sarah Jayne Dunn “isn’t worried” about her OnlyFans content being leaked as she’s confident the snaps are being taken down quickly.

Sarah, 40, joined OnlyFans last year, andlost her job on popular Channel 4 soap Hollyoaksas a result.

Since then, Sarah's OnlyFans profile has gone from strength to strength and she is said to be in the top 0.5% of creators worldwide.

Sarah recently had her content leaked, as did model Lottie Moss, but despitereports of her being “horrified”, Sarah isn’t concerned.

A representative for the actress told OK!: “Sarah isn’t horrified at all, unfortunately this is just par for the course with any online platform."

"Content gets leaked and it’s the world we live in for all creators which isn’t right at all," they continued. "But given how successful Sarah’s profile is on OnlyFans – in the top 0.5% of all creators worldwide – it’s really not an issue that she is worried about.

“The team at OnlyFans are amazing at getting leaks taken down quickly. Sarah is just extremely grateful for the constant support and amazing feedback she gets to her content from her community on OnlyFans."

After being sacked from Hollyoaks last year, Sarah defended her decision to keep her OnlyFans account and described doing so as allowing her to “take back control”.

She said at the time: “I'm simply moving my sexier, racier images to another platform.

"This is a decision I’ve thought long and hard about, not one I’ve taken lightly or on a whim, it’s about taking back control, about empowerment and confidence and having full power over my choices."

The mum-of-one continued: “I love doing photo shoots, always have always will, it’s how I got into the acting industry, at the tender age of 12 I decided I wanted to be a model and enrolled on a modelling course, joined an agency and had my first professional shoot and I was hooked. I got my first TV audition and the rest is history."

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some pretty amazing places for photoshoots since being 17, that being said I’ve never felt in control, of the content or of the finances."

While Sarah has been let go by Channel 4, the actresswill remain on Hollyoaks for the time being.

It’s believed her character Mandy Richardson won’t leave screens until some point this early this year.

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