When Scott Disick and Sofia Richie broke up back in August, there was widespread speculation about what led these two to finally call it quits.

Some said Sofia became fed up with Scott constantly flirting with Kourtney Kardashian.

Others claimed that the couple split as a result of Disick checking into rehab.

But now it seems the truth might have been staring us right in the face the entire time:

Perhaps 37-year-old Scott simply had a hard time keeping up with 21-year-old Sofia.

On Thursday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott revealed that he had been feeling run-down and sluggish.

“Lately, I’ve just had no energy to do anything,” he said.

“I wake up and I’m just shot.”

Now, if Scott felt that way back in his hard-partying days, that would make perfect sense.

But Disick has changed his ways, so the lack of energy was puzzling enough to send him to a doctor.

“I don’t have the drive to get up and run around with my girlfriend and my kids,” said Scott, who was dating Sofia at the time.

“I just don’t have the energy. I don’t know if I’m getting old or I’m just not in great shape, but I just want to see if there’s anything wrong with me.”

Disick made an appointment, nervous that he would learn his past had caught up with him.

“I’m definitely a drop nervous to do all these blood panels, because I’ve put this vessel through a lot of trauma, I’m not going to lie,” he said.

“I’m definitely scared, but if there’s anything wrong with me, whatever is the best way to get my body functioning better is what I’m going to do.”

In an uncharacteristically candid moment, Disick admitted that he went off the rails in the years after his parents died and his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian came to an end.

“I feel like there’s definitely been some stress in my life,” he said.

“Missing my parents, it’s really hard. My life hasn’t always been easy — I used to drink and party and go out a ton, so my body, it’s been through some rough waters and taken some pretty bad beatings,” Disick added.

“I never thought that there was a possibility any of that stuff could affect me in the long run.”

Fortunately, Scott’s doctors were able to give him a diagnosis — and it wasn’t a particularly grim one.

“All of the beatings that my body took over the years of drinking and partying and running around, my body can’t be perfect,” he said.

“So obviously I don’t drink anymore, but my body still has things in it, even from taking sleeping medications, doctor-prescribed medications,” Disick added.

“And then when I got my blood results in, my testosterone was so dramatically low, they were like, concerned how I even have the energy to get out of bed every day.”

Scott’s condition might be worrisome, but he has plenty of options, and he says he’s fully committed to living a healthier lifestyle.

Now that he’s put the plug in the jug and thrown the stash in the trash, we’re sure he’ll be able to rescue his health.

And we applaud Scott for sharing such a difficult moment in his life with the world.

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