JustJaredJr.com is completely in love with Jade Hassoune‘s debut single, “Insta Story”!

The former Shadowhunters star, aka J4DE, picked JJJ to debut the new track, which needs to be on your playlist asap.

The song was inspired by what he was feeling and going through almost exactly a year ago, while returning from a meet-and-greet tour with a broken heart.

“I fell in love with someone on my travels. They didn’t love me back the same way,” J4DE says of the track’s true meaning. “Even though we spent many great days together sharing beautiful moments, and then I had to let them go as we were both going back to our countries.”

He continues, “The night I wrote ‘Insta Story’, I had decided that I was finally going to let go of them in my own heart because I couldn’t go on holding on to a past idea. But I didn’t want to do it in a resentful way, I wanted to stay in love and allow them to be who they are. Take my power back and let them go with love. But in order to let them go, I had to try and not think about the moments we spent together.”

“It is difficult however now with social media to try and forget someone, when they keep popping up in our feed/stories. So I made the decision that I would stop looking.”

J4DE‘s upcoming EP, Love Letter To A Fandom, will be released later this year.

Check out “Insta Story” below now!

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JJJ: Tell us where you’re getting all your inspiration for your amazing new music!
The inspiration comes from my life experiences since Shadowhunters. The fandom allowed me to travel the world and they changed my life. Touring is filled with a wide spectrum of emotions and experiences. You meet so many beautiful people on and off the job. Music was always going to be part of my journey and when I came back from my tour last summer, my heart was filled with so many stories that had to be expressed. Joys and heartbreaks. And some songs were birthed/inspired. Since the end of Shadowhunters, I was called to create something to further my relationship with the fans, to walk with them into the future, and music is my way to give back and deepen our connection by sharing more of my inner world and celebrating life. Music is the best for that.

JJJ: What can fans expect from all your upcoming music?
They can expect the EP to have about six tracks. The title Love Letter To A Fandom kinda says it all. It’s a thank you letter, it’s a journal entry, it’s my emotional expression. They’ll hear sides of me they never heard before, some of my inner thoughts and feelings. Each song is a very different style but it’s all fun and pop music, with some hip hop influence, some dance, and some tropical sounds. I’m excited to find out which songs will be the favourites. I’ll keep creating music and evolving. I’ll keep finding ways to uplift us all, I can’t wait to sing these songs with you all at shows. I’m so excited for the future.

JJJ: Are there any other new projects that you’re excited about?
I’m about to launch my Patreon account! I’ve created a behind-the-scenes series, episodes of my life following me through my transformation from actor to J4DE, the musical artist. You get to see footage from my photoshoots, rehearsing and recording music. You will be able to subscribe to get all the episodes. You can see my look transformation, see parts of my city, meet some of my favourite collaborators, get to hear from a bunch of artists I know who will share their stories of success and how to realize your dreams. On top of that you’ll be able to have meet-and-greets with me online and eventually in person, at concerts and events. You’ll join my community, and be able to post and give feedback on projects ideas varying from comic books to music to poetry to creating merchandise. I’ll share my sketches and journal entries and voice demos, it’ll be a way to connect in a new way. Stay tuned for the announcement on my social media.

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