As we reported earlier this week, there’s a new man in Teresa Giudice’s life.

According to reports from multiple outlets, Teresa is dating Luis Ruelas, a 46-year-old single dad from — where else? — New Jersey.

Sources say the relationship is still new, but it appears to be moving very quickly.

Teresa has said very little about her new boyfriend, but she has confirmed that she’s in a relationship.

The photo below was taken at a recent football game, and Teresa posted it on Facebook with a caption reading:

“Excited to reveal my new boyfriend!”

Needless to say Teresa still enjoys attention by the boatloads.

Anyway, very little is known about Mr. Ruelas.

Teresa Giudice Black and White "Challenge Accepted" Photo

In fact, it appears that he’s either not a social media user, or his accounts are very well-hidden.

What little information we have about Mr. Ruelas comes from the bio on the website of Digital Media Solutions, a Florida-based marketing firm he co-founded.

“A father of two sons, Luis spends a great deal of time advocating for children with special needs with a particular focus on Autism given his son’s condition,” reads his bio.

“His extensive entrepreneurship experience, hustler mentality and competitive spirit culminate with his love of family and passion for community,” the profile continues.

Sounds pretty impressive … especially compared to Teresa’s ex.

No offense, Juicy Joe!

As you might expect, Teresa’s dramatic reveal on Facebook drew a mixed reaction from commenters.

“Hope he’s has deep pockets!” one user wrote, an obvious reference to Teresa’s expensive tastes

“Probably someone’s wife,” another added.

“She makes me sick,” a third chimed in.

But while the relationship is clearly meeting with a great deal of skepticism from outsiders, Teresa and Luis are apparently moving full-steam ahead.

“The relationship is very new, but both are very happy,” a source recently told Page Six.

Even Teresa’s ex in exile, the dearly-deported Joe Giudice seems to approve of the relationship.

“What’s she going to do, stay alone forever?” Joe said of Teresa in a recent interview.

“That’s not fair, as well. Look, if I would have got out and I would have been able to go home, who knows what would happen?” he asked.

“Maybe we’d still be in the same situation, maybe not. I don’t know. Things change after so many years.”

Of course, Joe is dating an Italian lawyer at the moment, so that might help to explain his enlightened view on the subject.

Might we actually be looking at individual happy endings for the Giudices? Hey, crazier things have happened in 2020!

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