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Major spoilers for And Just Like That
Late last week, Peloton’s stock dropped 11% overnight following the death of a major character in And Just Like That after a Peloton spin workout. I’m surprised that an onscreen death could lead to a stock losing value, but it happened. Peloton had a member of their health and wellness board, a cardiologist named Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, issue a statement about Mr. Big’s death, which you’ve surely heard about by now. Dr. Steinbaum cited Big’s cardiac scare in season six and his lifestyle as factors leading to his fatal heart attack. She added that riding his Peloton could have delayed his death.

In response to this, there’s a new Peloton commercial featuring Chris Noth and Peloton instructor Jess King, who appears in the episode as a Spanish instructor named Allegra. Jess and Chris are sitting in front of a fire talking about “new beginnings” and suggesting they take another ride. As the camera pans back to two Peloton bikes facing each other, Ryan Reynold speeds narrates to let us know that regular cycling reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, ending with “he’s alive.” Here’s that commercial.

It turns out the commercial was produced by Ryan Reynolds’ ad company, Maximum Effort, which E! reminds me created the 2019 ad for Aviation gin starring the Peloton wife. If you’re not familiar with that, Peloton had an ad which went viral featuring a surprise gift of a bike from a husband to his wife. It was tone deaf and made it seem like the husband was controlling his wife’s workouts. Reynolds capitalized on that in his ad by having the wife go out with her girlfriends and get drunk on Aviation gin. She toasts to “new beginnings,” just like Noth and King. It was a smart move by Peloton to hire Reynolds’ company for this, and makes it seem like they’re game to make fun of themselves. That hasn’t always been the case.

There’s some question as to whether Peloton will sue based on the portrayal of their brand. Peloton approved Jess King’s appearance and the use of their bike but they didn’t know the plot details ahead of time. The NY Times quotes an expert who says they can theoretically sue because their brand was damaged. I doubt they’ll do this. It seems like the commercial is their response instead.

I’m not a Sex and The City fan and only saw a few episodes when it was on, but I watched the end of the first AJLT episode when Mr. Big kicked it. Carrie stood there for an eternity before finally rushing to Big. She should have started doing CPR or at least called 911! Instead she held him as he died. It was asinine, but that’s how this show has always been.

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