Many Twitter users spend their time debating about the four-time NBA Champion’s gesture after he is spotted pushing a fan while walking with his wife Savannah Brinson.

AceShowbizLeBron James has caused a debate online after he was spotted shoving a fan, who was attempting to get a picture with him, during the Usher concert. Following the incident, Twitter had various reactions, weighing on who was in the wrong.

Twitter users reacted to the video that was published by Ahn Fire Digital on Friday, July 30. In the clip, the 36-year-old athlete could be seen walking with his wife Savannah Brinson before pushing a fan. Some social media users quickly criticized the NBA player. “That’s literally assault,” one critic accused him. In the meantime, a fan wrote, “I know you’re just protecting yourself but that’s just a kid bro. SMH!!!”

A user went on to say that “they should sue [LeBron].” The social media critic explained, “He really thinks he is a king and God forbid if AD can’t play he would turn on him like he does the others that he don’t benefit from Ja you will take his place one day.”

While some criticized his gesture, others came to the defense of the four-time NBA champion. “Lebron spotted being a normal human being and stiff arming a person running at him… just cuz he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean you can run up on him,” a Twitter user defended him. The same person also noted, “Check his demographics before you do that.”

In response to a user who claimed the fan was “invading his space,” another responded, “What the hell are you talking about? I’ve been to a million live events and there is no such thing.” The NBA fan continued, “I’m a Sixers season ticket holder and there is no space for me and my family when we’re walking around.”

“I don’t even like lebron at all but I gotta be honest. He had every right to do this. He is at an R&B song with his wife,” a different Twitter user chimed in. “He probably would’ve took the picture if he was by himself.”

Another critic said that people had just wasted their time, saying, “MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING. WASTE OF TIME..” The social media user added, “Lebron was simply protecting his personal space/well being (bc people are crazy & will hurt you) & protecting his wife,” noting, “LIKE A REAL MAN IS SUPPOSED TO DO.”

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