Just like most of us over the last year, the White House is leaning on Zoom to conduct meetings and get face time with folks amid the pandemic, but chances are President Biden‘s Zoomin’ is MUCH more expensive than yours.

According to federal docs obtained by TMZ … the Executive Office of the President has spent a little more than $422,000 on Zoom licensing fees since mid-January, right around the time Biden took office.

That might seem pretty hefty — especially for those who mostly use Zoom for free or at a low cost to chat with family and friends … but the licenses needed for the government to use Zoom, at the capacity required for the Prez, really add up.

As you might know … Biden’s been on Zoom a lot lately, including for the current virtual Global Climate Summit with dozens of other world leaders.

POTUS also swore in hundreds of federal appointees and staff via virtual Zoom ceremonies after his inauguration.

For what it’s worth, things seem to be opening up a bit now … so maybe these pricey Zoom licenses won’t be necessary for much longer. Let’s hope so, since our taxes are paying that tab.

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