ANY mum will tell you that there are occasions when you just have to pull rank and be a ‘mean mum’ if it means getting your kids to behave.

However, these women have taken things a step further and have even been described as ‘cruel’ for their extreme parenting approach.

From throwing away their kid’s toys as punishment to chucking out their kids artwork – these mums aren’t messing around.

Here we reveal the mean mums who aren’t taking any prisoners – unless of course they’re making their own jail…

Rubbish punishment

Tabatha Marie raised eyebrows when she threw away her son's toys when he refused to tidy his room.

She revealed that she settled on the punishment as she refuses to raise “disrespectful men.”

In the clip she films her five-year-old’s incredibly messy room, with toys strewn across the floor.

Speaking in the video she said: “When you ask your child for two days in a row to clean his room and his response is ‘no you clean it mommy.’

“OK I will do that, gladly.”

She then films herself bagging his toys into bin bags with the caption, “Trash here we come.”

Tabatha admitted that the ‘extreme’ approach was difficult, but she was determine to teach her son a lesson.

“I hated seeing the look on his face when he seen his room. It hurt me just as much but my babies will not be disrespectful (sic),” she added.

Prisoner in her own home

TikTok user Holly shared her “mean mom” approach after her ‘pre-teen’ daughter failed to complete her chores.

"Today we are turning my child's room into a tiny mini jail," Holly says in the now-viral TikTok.

"I know this will probably p*** a couple of Gen Z's off, but this is how we're going to do it in my house. 

“We have given my daughter a week's notice to clean her room, she's a pre-teen, she knows how to clean. We've trained her to clean."

She explained that she's asked her daughter to clean her room multiple times now, but she chose not to. 

She was given a week's notice and a deadline of midday to get it done, but played outside instead.

"So, we're taking away all of her clothes, all of her toys, all of her makeup, all of her fun stuff," Holly continued.

"All she has left are her books and then her shoes, I'm going to be picking out one outfit a day for her to wear and she has to wear it and that's about it.

"She'll get her stuff back in increments and I'm going to go through most of her toys and get rid of a lot of them, but until then, this is how it's going to be because I'm tired of speaking over and over again about cleaning and she just doesn't."

Holly later added that her daughter cried a lot when she was her room had been stripped bare, but she says it taught her a valuable lesson.

"I cried a lot," she said, "and I kinda learnt not to destroy my room in under one day, clean from disaster, so now I learnt to keep my room clean."

Play time's over

Mum Lynn Marie shocked her TikTok followers when she admitted she hates playing with her daughter.

She made the admission in a clip on TikTok and captioned the post: "Parenting is hard, even when it’s easy. The little things really are the big things. Who knew?!"

"Last night my daughter asked me to play with her, and I hate doing that," she said laughing.

"I'll go for a walk, I'll take you somewhere, but I don't want to play with your Barbies."

Lynn admitted that she "felt bad" because her daughter is an "only child" so she hesitantly agreed "for like ten minutes."

She continued: "This morning she got up and got ready for school, super good mood, and then she said will you play barbies with me and I was like, ah…"

"Then she said 'I had so much fun when you played Barbies with me yesterday' and it about broke my heart because if my half-hearted attempt to playcate her meant that much, I could definitely do that again ."

Lynn's comments left many people furious with some asking why she'd "even bother having a kid."

Draw the line

Shan Chef was branded 'cruel' after she shared a video which showed what she does with any art her kids bring home from school.

She wrote in the caption: "Overwhelmed by your kids' artwork? Call on the dumpster gnome!"

In the video, Shan can be seen holding what appears to be a decorated circular piece of paper.

Turning to her son, she asked: "This has got to be my favourite thing that I've taught my kid. Buddy, can I give this to the dumpster gnome?" 

After he replied with “yes”, and asked the boy: "Ok, what does the dumpster gnome do with this?"

Her son replied: "Throws it in the garbage and then decorates their house with it.”

Shan added: "Mummy throws it in the garbage and then he decorates his house with it.”

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