CLEANFLUENCERS from Mrs Hinch to Stacey Solomon have been giving us serious washing goals with snaps of their perfectly organised laundry set-ups. 

Chic storage solutions have boomed over the last few months, spurred on by shows such as The Home Edit, with everyone trying to make their home look as neat and tidy as possible. 

And it’s something to do while we ride out another lockdown. 

If you were thinking your washing corner, cupboard or drawer needed an overhaul, look no further than B&M’s new homeware range. 

The budget store has launched a brand new collection dedicated to all things cleaning, with stylish laundry accessories guaranteed to jazz up even the dingiest cupboard. 

And you can grab most of it in Mrs Hinch-approved grey, a big thumbs up from us. 

The range starts from just £1 for a stylish peg pail, which was originally £4, while a washing tablet tin will set you back £4, and a housekeeping box £6. 

Bamboo is a big theme, with a canister, dish brush, broom and dustpan  and brush all made from the same durable fabric, starting from £1.99. 

  • Laundry Storage Tin, B&M, £2.50 – buy now

  • Bamboo Scrubbing Brush, B&M, £1.99 – buy now

  • Hanging Steel Peg Pail, B&M, was £4 now £1 – buy now 

  • Paper Rope Baskets, B&M, £10 – buy now 

  • Bamboo Dish Brush, B&M, £1.99 – buy now 

  • Bamboo Laundry Hamper, B&M, £11.99 – buy now 

Plus this is how to use dishwasher tablets to clean ANYTHING at home from the oven and fridge, to the bin and washing machine.

And a professional cleaner says Brits (& Mrs Hinch) are making these cleaning gaffes including spraying products onto surfaces.

Meanwhile cleaning fanatics rave about Mrs Hinch’s new Tesco range that’s priced from just £1.50 – and, yes, everything’s grey.

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