COULD your star sign mean you’ll lock horns with a Capricorn, act bullish with a Taurus or get crabby with a Cancer?

Superstar DJ David Guetta, 53, revealed Madonna, 62, refused to work with him as he is a Scorpio and she is a Leo.

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And according to astrologer and Tarot card reader Kerry King, she has a point.

Kerry says: “Leo and Scorpio are destined to butt heads because both want to lead and neither will give an inch.”

Here, Kerry uses star signs to reveal connection compatibility – in business or in the bedroom – and looks at the celebrity relationships that were doomed, or destined to bloom.


A cusp sign is someone who is born toward the end of a zodiac sign – slap bang on the date in which your Sun sign moves into the one that proceeds it.

Miley's Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp sign is typically a little more wild, while Capricorns are more stoic and dependable.

Unfortunately the relationship can quickly become very love/hate.

Songstress Miley and Hollywood star Liam split after less than a year of marriage.

Libra & Aquarius: BLOOMED

Natural people-pleasers, Libras get on with many but are annoyed by the mad antics of Fire signs.

Best paired with other stimulating Air signs like Gemini and Aquarius like Stacey Solomon, 31, and Joe Swash, 39.

They met on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity when Stacey, a Libra, was on the spin-off show Aquarius Joe presented.

Scorpio & Leo: DOOMED

Scorpios are one of the most feared signs because they can be ruthless and destructive.

They tend to disagree with Leos because of their equal desire to lead, coupled with an inability to understand each other’s perspectives.

It’s bad romantically too. Rapper Tyga, 31, a Scorpio, and reality TV’s Kylie Jenner, 23, a Leo, broke up after a rocky few years.

It takes a strong sign to handle Scorpio – roll up, Taurus, Cancer, Aries and Capricorn.

Sagittarius & Aries: DOOMED

Sagittarians are the zodiac’s verbal hooligan – they say what they are thinking.

So bouncy, flippant, positive signs such as Geminis and Leos work well with them.

But their sharp tongue can be a problem for touchy signs like Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer.

They can also rile Fire signs, like when Sagittarius Nicki Minaj, 38, and Aries Mariah Carey, 52, clashed on American Idol.

Capricorn & Gemini: DOOMED

With Everest-high standards, Capricorns often prefer to be left alone, so Taurus and Virgos best match their perfectionist ways.

Less ideal are Geminis, like Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson, 29.

She and reality star Chris Hughes, 28, who is a Capricorn, split after just 16 months.

Emotionally, they are different to each other, with Geminis independent and Capricorns more sensitive.

Aquarius & Scorpio: DOOMED

Self-contained, independent and confident in their opinions, Aquarius are charming and kind, but they don’t really need other people.

Pairing with opinionated sign Scorpio is a big no-no.

Just look at former Towie star Gemma Collins, 40, an Aquarius, and Scorpio TV judge Jason Gardiner, 49, who feuded throughout ITV’s Dancing On Ice last year.

Cancer & Capricorn: BLOOMED

Cancer signs put their relationships ahead of everything else – and expect their partners to do the same.

This is true for Prince William, 38, born under the sign and Capricorn Kate Middleton, 39.

Capricorns respect creativity but Water signs – Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer – can be good matches as they are loyal and loving.

They don’t like being challenged, so dodge signs that are ultra-perceptive or critical, such as Virgo.

Taurus & Aries: DOOMED

Taureans don’t suffer fools on any level so the antics of party-hard signs like Gemini, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will grate on them.

In particular, their slower pace does not always match up with Aries who like to bulldoze straight into things.

This could explain the rocky relationship of Taurean actor Channing Tatum, 40, and singer Jessie J, 33, an Aries.

The power couple split broke up in 2020. Taureans have great chemistry with Scorpios, their opposite sign in the zodiac.

Gemini & Aquarius: BLOOMED

Great charmers – but manipulators – Geminis can get on with anyone.

They should avoid clingy signs like Cancers and Pisces as they like things surface-level.

Partnerships with Sagittarians, Virgos and Aquarians have special magic as these signs are all high-energy and smart.

Since their first gig together in 1994, Gemini Courteney Cox, 56, and Aquarius Jennifer Aniston, 52, became close Friends as their signs accept their need for space.

Pisces & Aries: DOOMED

They might always seem kind and laid-back, but Pisces have got fangs, too.

Thoughtful signs such as Libra, Virgo and Cancer go beautifully with Pisces while the more spiky signs like Aries and Sagittarius can put pressure on and insult them without even realising.

This was the case for Piscean TV presenters Coleen Nolan, 55, and Aries Kim Woodburn, 78, whose feud began on Celebrity Big Brother in 2017, before continuing on Loose Women two years ago.

It sparked a petition to get Coleen off the show and more than 7,000 complaints to Ofcom.

Aries & Aquarius: BLOOMED

Feisty and competitive, Aries mix well with other fire signs on their astrological wavelength but also air signs, like Aquarians, who are assertive and can stand their ground.

This is true of long-standing telly double-act Aries Phillip Schofield, 59, and Holly Willoughby, 40, an Aquarius.

These compatible signs respect each other’s boundaries, whereas water signs – Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio – are too abrasive.

Leo & Aries: DOOMED

Leos are natural leaders and have to be at the top of any pecking order – in the office, a queue . . . even a marriage.

So no wonder they clash and butt heads with other fiery signs, such as Aries.

Just look at Sex In The City stars Kim Cattrall, 64, a Leo, and Aries Sarah Jessica Parker, 56.

Both wanted to be the show’s leading lady and neither backed down.

Their explosive feud meant the screen bezzies hated each other in real life.

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