We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Christopher John Rogers is the moment. And that’s not to be confused with being trendy, the NYC-based designer continues to prove that his designs transcend any trend-report by light years. Yet, the brand’s likelihood to be so fashion-forward has kept it in the spotlight and in close company with some of the most stylish celebrities like Beyoncé, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lady Gaga, and Gabrielle Union — just to name a few. Everywhere we turn, Rogers is right around the corner. From watching the designer himself appear as a guest judge on the latest episode of Project Runway to tuning into Insecure and seeing Tiffany [Amanda Seales] in Look 3 from Collection 007, a floral printed corset dress constructed with the brand’s infamous balloon silhouette below. As we continue to gag over Rogers’s previous collections, the House most recently launched their Pre-Fall 2022 collection, dubbed Collection 009.

Vibrant colors and patterns have become embedded into CJR’s house codes and this season, they were further ingrained with more polka dots and bright monochromatic ensembles. Rogers drew inspiration from his childhood memories of getting dressed in the South, which led to blending America’s preppiness with a Southern essence. Within Collection 009, floral suits, ruffled neon button-downs, and colorful wardrobe staples challenge societal narratives around formal wear and portray how one can discover themselves amongst dress codes. 

However, not all of the designer’s inspiration was straightforward. Rogers fully leaned into the spontaneity of imagination and life’s serendipity to create unique moments. The CFDA American Womenswear Designer of the Year looked to paper balls, trash bags, and flying squirrels to construct beautiful, irregular shapes and couture-like garments. Embracing what Rogers considers “happy accidents” formed into tucks, pleats, gathers, and twists – making things that are slightly off into delightful additions through perspective and editing.

While pleasant imperfections make Rogers’ designs distinct, supporters of the brand look to its clothes to embody their individuality. There’s no room for shyness when dressing in CJR, however there is ample space for self-expression. The autonomy and endless styling possibilities is what draws individualists to the brand, but also those same elements create a pipeline to iconic fashion moments. Rogers’ intentions are present in the threads, causing every wearer to feel an inevitable urge to shine as bright as CJR rainbows.

Collection 009 is available for pre-order now through January 9th on christopherjohnrogers.com – view our favorite looks below.

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