SMELLY drains will be a thing of past after a cleaning fanatic claims she can banish bad odours immediately – and all you need is mouthwash.

Kelly Doran, aka Mrs D’s cleaning reviews, claims she found a simple ad cheap way to get rid of bad smells from her drains.

In a recent Instagram post she wrote: “Our bathroom drains can become smelly from germs and bacteria, a build up of toothpaste and also, hair, leaving a nasty build up of gunk.

“All these things don't necessarily block your sink but the can leave a nasty smell lingering.”

She explains that concentrated disinfectant will only mask the nasty smell for a short time and won’t actually remove any of the gunk down the drain.

All Kelly says you need is mouthwash.

She said: “It's something we all have in our bathroom cabinets and it's a fantastic cheap way of keeping your bathroom drains not only smelly fresh but all so hygienically clean too.”

Simply pour one to two caps of mouthwash down the plug hole and leave for around 30 minutes.

When time is up, wash it away with hot water.

Kelly claims it will leave your sink smelling fresh and clean.

Other cleaning fanatics flocked into the comments to praise Kelly for her genius hack.

One user wrote: “Well I never. What a great idea.”

Another said: “Goodness I didn't know this and will definitely be trying it out.”

A third commented: “Off to try this right now! It’s a constant battle for me! Thanks.”

One person asked: “How will this do a better job than Zoflora?”

Kelly replied: “It will work better because of the alcohol that is in the mouthwash, it will flush the gunk that builds up in you drains which is causing any nasty smells.”

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