If you keep up with the style set on Instagram, then you know that CUUP has become a go-to for all things bra related. From fit to feel, the pieces on offer are known for their minimal yet supportive silhouettes. The proof is in the tags: Between rooftop sunbathing and trips to the beach, fans of the brand have no qualms wearing their underwear outdoors and posting the receipts on social media. Luckily, cofounder Abby Morgan and the rest of the CUUP team have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for months to give their fans exactly what they didn’t even know they needed.

Today, the brand launched its first-ever swim collection, and staying true to its inclusive ethos, the pieces featured are made with every body type in mind. “We wanted to bring our renegade approach to bra sizing and silhouettes to revolutionize swimwear fit and function,” Morgan tells BAZAAR.com in an exclusive interview, referring to the brand’s expansive offering. “It’s so crucial for women across all sizes, especially those above a D cup, to feel equally themselves in their warm-weather foundation as they do in their bra and underwear.”

To ensure that all the bases were covered, the founder and her team took the time to learn the ins and outs. “At CUUP, we believe design must lead the way and start with a solution-led process,” Morgan explains. “To get it right, we worked through almost two years of advanced product development with over 25 women to test, resulting in 100+ fittings to refine and perfect a dynamic sizing system. We leveraged the design DNA and ethos from our bras and underwear to create the new summer essential. The output was unparalleled precision fit in an industry where most competitors offer just five sizes.”

As for the brand’s new swim lineup, there are 53 top sizes available (30A to 42F), as well as seven bottom sizes (XS to 3XL), guaranteeing that there’s something for everyone to feel their most confident. Equally as important, the brand used high-performance materials that are made to withstand fading from the sun, chlorine, salt water, as well as any fabric piling so that you can continue wearing your suits season after season.

“This is your base layer for this season,” Morgan says about the functionality of swim. “You don’t have to change into your bra and underwear; this is comfortable and supportive enough that it can be both.”

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