WE ALL know that spooky season isn’t the same without a pumpkin, but we also all know that carving one can be a real pain in the neck.

However, one ‘genius’ dad  has shared his  hack that means you can carve a pumpkin this Halloween in just 30 seconds.

Kiel James Patrick took to TikTok where he posted a video of himself using a pressure washer to cut a face into his gourd.

He simply fires up the jet wash, and then aims it at the pumpkin, carefully marking out the areas he wants to cut with the force of the water blowing holes in the exterior.

At the end of the video, he turns the pumpkin around to show that the back is still completely intact.

The video has received over 672,000 views and thousands of comments from grateful parents thanking him for the tip.

One wrote: “Let me borrow your power washer.”

“I feel pressure to try this,” joked another, while a third added, “Wow this is awesome!”

However, others were concerned that it would go mouldier much faster as the pumpkin still had all of its flesh remaining.

Perhaps one to leave until October 31st! 

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