TRADITIONALLY, Easter egg hunts have been reserved for kids.

But influencer and model Jodie Weston, from London, admits her family go bigger and more extravagant than most when it comes to celebrating the Spring holiday. 

The blonde bombshell, who rose to fame on Channel 5's Rich Kids Go Skint, attends an annual family Easter egg hunt in Budapest – where the winner receives a £10,000 cash prize. 

Unfortunately it’s not that simple and Jodie, 27, admits while the unusual family tradition sounds like fun and games, her dad – who organises the event – has only been beaten once. 

She says: “My dad organises it and hides the eggs in really difficult places so we can’t find them and he gets to keep the £10,000. 

“Only one year has anyone actually won the money and beat him. 

“He watches us run around the place like mad people for two hours trying to find the eggs, it’s like an extreme version of an escape room.

“It’s the time of the year I look forward to because I want to see the look on my dad's face when I finally beat him and win the £10,000.”

The model and TV star likened the Weston family Easter egg hunt at her dad’s house to an ‘extreme version of an escape room.’ 

Jodie usually heads to Budapest each Easter to take part in the annual game alongside her two brothers and her step-mum. 

She says the unusual tradition has been in the family for years and she’s a ‘massive tomboy at heart’ who’s determined to win. 

“I’ve always loved Easter egg hunts as I’m a massive tomboy. It’s one of my favourite times of the year and my dad has always loved watching me run around like a nut case,’ she explains. 

“After going to a hotel every year at lunch time to take part in their Easter egg hunt as a child, one year it was fully booked so it then progressed to the garden of my dad’s house.

It’s the time of the year I look forward to because I want to see the look on my dad's face when I finally beat him and win the £10,000.

“The following year – instead of going back to the hotel – it became my dad being the Easter bunny and the opportunity of a £10,000 cash prize for the winner.”

The DJ explained that the Easter Egg hunt is very strategic and planned out meticulously. 

Her dad sets up the course and gives the participants an hour to find 30 eggs – after carefully hiding 50 eggs around the garden. 

The influencer, who shares an insight into her glam life on Instagram, says the aim of the game is to ‘outrun and outdo’ everyone else and find 60% of the total eggs to win the cash. 

Jodie admits she’s always ‘in it to win it’ and will happily get her hands dirty to frantically search for the chocolate eggs. 

She says: “There are four of us taking part and the garden wraps around the house so you have to be strategic on where you go first and in which direction. 

“Some of the eggs are hidden quite high up which can involve a bit of tree climbing. 

“While others could be hidden in plant pots or flower beds so you have to rummage around and get your hands dirty. 

“One year my step-mum won the money and finally beat my dad, we had one less player that year due to my brother dropping out so we knew it was finally our chance to beat him!”

Unfortunately the family’s extravagant tradition is on hold this year due to coronavirus restrictions but Jodie says she can’t wait to try and beat them when they meet this summer. 

She says she’s been thinking about different tactics and how she can try and win the competition this year – as she’d love to put the cash prize towards a deposit for a house. 

She aims to win this year ‘once and for all.’ 

“Our Easter egg hunt will be slightly delayed this year until June as my dad lives in Budapest,” Jodie explains. 

“But it will be held in the summer for sure and like every year I will be there with my A-Game and trainers on.

“My tactics are to make sure everyone has eaten a big meal before the hunt so they aren’t able to run around as fast and easily as me.

“I might even leave some loud tech house music on to distract everyone.”

If she wins the £10,000 cash prize from her dad, Jodie says she won’t be able to help having the biggest grin plastered across her face. 

She even admitted that the first thing she’d treat herself to – if she won the money – would be a trophy with her name engraved on it. 

Then she’d use the rest to save towards a house deposit. 

While she admits their family Easter tradition is unlike most others, Jodie says their version of celebrating the holiday is definitely more ‘adrenaline fuelled.’

She said: “It is definitely better as so much more is at stake than just chocolate eggs! 

“It’s more adrenaline fuelled, There is £10,000 up for grabs so the butterflies are always going in my stomach and of course the determination to beat my dad takes over. 

“You have to try and distract everyone else and tactfully manoeuvre the garden in a way that you are most likely to get the 60% of the total eggs before anyone else is able to. 

“This requires a level of skill and also guesswork at where my dad may have hidden the 50 eggs.

“You have to make sure you don’t waste too much time on any egg-less areas of the garden, the key is to be fast and efficient.” 

As well as their extravagant Easter egg hunt, the family also marks the occasion by going for an annual five-course meal in the evening at a beautiful five-star hotel in Budapest.

Jodie is aiming to go to greater lengths than ever before to ensure she wins the prize this year – but she admits her dad will be shocked if she beats him.

She said: “We are very competitive with each other and always have been so he would definitely have the grin wiped off his face if I won. 

“He’d probably come back the following year with an obstacle course to go alongside the egg hunt to make it even harder!” 

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