THE furniture in your home should be both stylish and functional.

An interior designer revealed the common decor items she avoids, including a bathroom essential that can make your home look like a hotel.

TikTok user Nina Takesh (@ninatakeshofficial) shared the top four interior design trends she advises against.

For her first tip, the interior expert recommended avoiding Cloud couches.

She explained: "You might venture to purchase it thinking that you’re going to be comfortable and in no time it looks [worn out].

"I can't tell you the amount of clients that have hired me and our first order of business is to replace their Cloud sofa," the TikToker added.

Nina also told her followers that attaching a metal shower caddy to their bathroom wall will bring down the tone of their home.

The interior designer referred to the shower essential as "the bane of my existence."

"Every time I see one of these I think about motels. If you have one of these there’s got to be a better way.  You could get a cute little bench, put a little bucket on there," she said.

Nina concluded: "Leaving [your things] on the floor would be a better alternative than a shower caddy."

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Next, the influencer also outlined the drawbacks of purchasing a platform bed.

Nina detailed: "You will absolutely injure yourself without fail. Perhaps a large bruise, if not a concussion.

"You will never be able to reach your nightstand at which point you will drop all of your drinks on the floor and then have to pick them up, not a good idea," she added.

Finally, Nina shared her thoughts on "the multi-modular TV frame bookcase extravaganza," which she called "visually painful."

She said: "Nothing should be this complicated and nothing should have this many compartments to it.

"If you’ve got something like this, you don’t need it. Put your beautiful flat screen on the wall, treat it as art," Nina advised.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the advice.

"Showers are not seen by anyone. Caddies are perfect. Function over form here," wrote one viewer.

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Another follower said: "Cloud couch is a game changer. Just don’t get in with linen and it will last you forever. They also replace anything if it gets messed up."

"Cloud victim here as well. Horribly frustrating sofa. Wish we never purchased it," commented a third person.

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