Gigi Hadid is dressing for herself and no one else.

On Tuesday, the supermodel responded to a few fans who criticized her outfit in a recent paparazzi picture of her, snapped while she was out running errands in New York City.

In the photo, Hadid wore black leggings, which she paired with a crew sweater and white trainers from her Reebok Collection, as well as a black puff jacket.

However, this outfit wasn’t cutting it for some fans. According to E! News, one fan shared the photo on Twitter and reportedly wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “she’s such a natural beauty… idk what happened to her iconic street style tho.” Another account then allegedly responded in another since-deleted tweet, “What happened is called Mimi,” referencing Hadid’s stylist, Mimi Cuttrell.

Gigi Hadid

Hadid was quick to respond to the haters, letting them know that their “petty complaining” wasn’t going to influence how she dressed.

“You guys need to calm [the f—] down sometimes. It’s called stepping out to do one errand, not dressing for your approval,” Hadid wrote back. “Your unrealistic expectations and petty complaining all the time about my style or not being sexy enough isn’t going to make me dress different.”

“Not just talking about this specific comment. You all talk about empowering women. I support and empower women that show skin and that don’t,” Hadid added in a follow-up tweet. “It’s about choice. I show skin when I want to and still feel sexy covered head to toe & will continue to do so. Over the snarky comments.”

The model seemed to respond to another account that also deleted its original tweet, telling the critics to instead focus their energy on bringing positivity to social media.

“I like what I wear and wear it for that reason. It’s not about a stylist, it’s how I’m choosing to express myself,” she wrote. “Your opinion isn’t going to change that. Those of you who feel this way should focus your energy on praising those whose style u love. Peace.”

Other fans rallied behind Hadid.

“I happen to like this outfit,” one wrote, while another shared, “Women really need to stop judging other women for their clothes. Like how does what another woman wears impact your life? It doesn’t. It’s just petty. Move on.”

The model’s new collaboration with Reebok features a line of street style, including sports bras, sweat pants, leggings, a backpack, and sneakers — all marked with a little “G” patch for the model’s first name.

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