EVER been left surprised by the amount of hair that seems to fall out when washing your locks in the shower?

A professional hairdresser has taken it upon themselves to put your mind at ease, as they're reassuring beauty fans that it's "completely normal" for your hair to shed.

TikTok user @ashleyweststylist reacted to a video shared on the social media platform of one person revealing how much hair their sister loses in the shower.

"My sister thinks it's normal to [lose] this much hair during each shower," they say while panning over the bathroom wall covered in dark strands of hair.

While at first the amount of hair seems slightly terrifying, hair stylist Ashley has assured viewers it looks worse than it is.

She explained: "I'm a hairdresser and this is completely normal. You're actually supposed to lose 50 strands a day."

Ashley revealed that's "not taking into account" if you wear your hair up, adding: "If you wear your hair up for multiple days and then wash your hair, now you're probably at like 150 strands."

Sharing when you should be worried about your locks, Ashley said: "Not normal is when it's coming out in clumps," as she explained that "stress, the environment, weather and hair damage," can also have an impact.

She also shared the difference between losing "strands" of hair and "clumps" – pointing out in the comments of her video that "clumps" refer to losing multiple strands of hair from the same spot rather than all over your head.

Ashley's video has racked up over 200k views and hundreds of comments, with many people thanking the hair expert for settling their "anxiety".

One person posted: "It took me so long to realise that my 'hair loss' was just normal shedding."

Another said: "OMG, THANK YOU!!!!! I thought something was wrong with me. I usually wear my hair up, without brushing, for days and then this happens."


A third wrote: "Thank you for clarifying this! My anxiety went down 100%."

"I was panicking as my hair started doing that, but now I know it's normal," one more shared.

Agreeing with the hair stylist, another commented: "Well, 100 a day is normal. Idg [I don't get] how ppl don't understand that if you wash it 2 times a week and don't brush it daily, it will look like a ton of hair… bc [because] now you've just been collecting hair for days (sic)."

One more shared: "I still lose a lot when I wash it even though I brush it twice a day. It's so werid to know that that amount's normal."

Another asked: "Okay, but what if you never shed before but all of a sudden you're shedding like mad?"

Urging those who are noticing unusual shedding to seek medical advice, Ashley responded: "It it is out of normal for you then I would speak to your doctor."

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