IF YOUR food bill regularly leaves you in despair, take inspiration from this savvy saver. 

Nicola Davies, 37, a civil servant and mum of two from the West Midlands, bagged an incredible bargain when she snapped up £40 worth of food from The Company Shop for just £5.

Nicola told Latest Deals that by using the Too Good To Go app, she landed the amazing magic bag, which included a huge range of food from M&S, Waitrose, and more.

The bag contained everything from a chicken stir fry kit and garlic and coriander naan bread to pork sausages and chicken meatballs. 

Nicola is a pro when it comes to snapping up bargains, also getting another great Too Good To Go bag from The Company Shop the previous week, which included Charlie Bigham’s paneer tikka masala, organic herbs, and shredded wheat.

Tom Church, co-founder of the Black Friday app said: "Nicola has bagged herself a jaw-dropping bargain here, and best of all, she’s saving money while helping the planet and reducing food waste." 

Nicola, who also volunteers at a local animal rescue, told the money-saving Black Friday app: "I first heard of the Too Good To Go app last year while I was at work. 

“I downloaded it and did a search of places local to me, I was surprised at how many shops and restaurants were taking part.

"I hate food waste and I also love a bargain, so I started using the app.

"It is so easy to use and you can set favourites so you don't miss out. 

"Usually around 15 minutes after closing time, the company releases 'Magic Bags' onto the app, where you simply click to purchase one and then collect it that day or the following day at the given time frame. 

"The best one I got was last Sunday from The Company Shop, which sells surplus stock from other supermarkets at a reduced price.

"It cost £5 and is supposed to be worth £20 but it is worth probably double that. 

Nicola's bag consisted of lots of goodies from M&S and Waitrose, which she couldn't believe.

She added that the element of surprise is a bonus and Nicola was impressed the £5 bag could feed her family of four for the entire week.

“In the bag was a large bag of oranges, an organic aubergine, fresh parsley, vine tomatoes, two fresh fettuccine pasta, chicken pie, pork and bacon pastry swirls, miniature potatoes, a pack of ham, lemon and herb sliced chicken breast, two packs of seeded crackers, chicken breasts with cheese and bacon, katsu curry chicken breasts, ginger coriander and lime chicken breasts, chicken meatballs, mango and coconut chicken grills, green Thai chicken stir fry, Welsh sausages, Singapore rice noodles, two garlic and coriander naans, garlic and herb chicken kievs and minced beef crispbakes.

The family have made a variety of new dishes with their magic bag including; Thai green curry stir fry,chicken pasta alfredo,a Moroccan meatball dish, and a potato salad.

Nicola added that she was also able to put a lot of the food in the freezer to stop it from going to waste.

"The best places always sell out quickly, so the best thing to do is track what time their bags are released and set an alarm on your phone to remind you – that's what I do!” She added.

Nicola is thrilled with her bargain and says her whole family is obsessed with the Too Good To Go app as a result. 

"We are all obsessed with the app now." She adds.

"My partner loves all of the new meals I am cooking and the boys love to see what they can find too. 

"I am enjoying saving money, reducing food waste and creating new and exciting meals using items I wouldn't usually buy.

"So much food is wasted and ends up in the bin when it is actually still perfectly edible. 

"Using the Too Good To Go app saves meals from being wasted, and also saves me a lot of money too. So in my eyes, it is a win-win!”

Tom, who co-created the Black Friday app added: "In addition to Too Good To Go, make sure you check out Olio, which offers free food local to you that people would otherwise throw away.

"And why stop at food? Don’t forget to check local Facebook groups and Freecycle for everything from furniture to musical instruments that are being given away for free.

"Let’s all work together to reuse, repurpose and recycle to help our planet!"

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