SHE worked a normal shift, but went to the hospital afterwards because of stomach pain.

But when Britt Nicole arrived at the emergency room, doctors quickly found out that she was actually pregnant – and in labour.

Britt took to TikTok to share her incredible story, writing over a video which began with a shot of a canula in her arm: "POV: you admit yourself into the ER for stomach pain after work and get told that you’re in labour after 7.5 months of not knowing."

She then shared a snap of herself on the day she gave birth, after working until an hour before going to the hospital.

Two weeks before going into labour, Britt showed no sign of being pregnant, with pictures showing her with no bump.

She also only gained 5lbs during the whole pregnancy – going from 110lbs to 115lbs.

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"Maintaining weight has been hard for the last two to three years," she added.

Britt has also had an irregular cycle since she was a teenager, so wasn't concerned when she didn't get a period for some time.

Sharing pictures of herself and her daughter, Britt concluded: "It’s been hard – life’s a climb, but the view is great."

She added in the caption: "I don’t think you can realise how traumatic this actually was and is.

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"Certain emotions come & go but at the end of it all, I'm grateful for HER. (if you know me, surprise)."

Unsurprisingly, Britt's video prompted an influx of questions from people, all wanting to know more about her cryptic pregnancy.

She opened up further in other TikTok videos, and revealed in one that she was in so much shock after giving birth that she actually went back to work just hours later.

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"I want you guys to know, shock and trauma are real – very very real," Britt said.

"So I actually went to work the same day I gave birth.

"My daughter was born a little bit before 2am, I asked to leave and I was discharged a little bit before 6am, and my shift started at 10.30 or 11.

"I didn’t even tell my manager what had happened.

"I was just like, 'I went to the emergency room last night after inventory and I wasn’t feeling good’."

She later gave her manager a note explaining that she wouldn't be able to do her next few shifts, and ended up just not returning to work.

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Another question asked Britt how she didn't feel the baby kicking.

To which she said that she is generally a "gassy person", so she put it down to that, as well as anxiety and her "seasonal depression".

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