HEADING to Turkey for cheap cosmetics is what some Brits like to do, but it does come with a risk.

By travelling abroad, people can save 40 to 80 per cent on plastic surgery, depending on the procedure and the country, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

But whilst choosing to have a procedure abroad might be an attractive option for many, it's often not as smooth sailing as it sounds and in the past has even proven fatal.

And one woman knows the pain after heading to Turkey to get her teeth done. 

In September this year, Lisa Martyn headed across the borders to go and get a new set of veneers. 

She had already had her teeth done 11 years ago and she had to go back to the dentist to get them redone this year due to having cracks in her veneers but due to Covid she was late going back. 


However, Lisa explained the pain was excruciating for her and advised her followers to not go to Turkey. 

In one video, she says: “Turkey won’t concentrate on giving you that Hollywood smile, they won’t concentrate on gum disease. 

“So if you have gum disease don’t go to Turkey. 

“If you have got teeth, but want that hollywood smile, don’t go to them, there is no going back, hopefully I will get 10 years out of it. 

“They look lovely, but it is not without the pain.” 

And in another video, 25 days later after surgery she describe that the pain is even worse. 

'So sensitive'

Lisa says: “They are so sensitive. 

“And even if I push them, I can feel my own fangs underneath. 

“I’ve had to get on to my own dentist.”

Because Lisa was on day 25 of pain, it meant she was exhausted and starving. 

I am actually losing weight because I can’t eat properly, because once I eat it’s like all the food separates and spreads into all the nerves of your mouth

She says: “I am drinking soup.

“I could do with losing weight, I am actually losing weight because I can’t eat properly, because once I eat it’s like all the food separates and spreads into all the nerves of your mouth. 

“So I'm really hungry, but I know I won’t disappear anytime soon.”

She also explains that she has to put her hand over her mouth because when the air hits her teeth the pain “shoots out of my ears.” 

No surgery is risk-free, however, if you choose to get your surgery done in the UK, then the surgeon will be able to discuss long term aftercare and be on-hand if something goes wrong.

Some overseas clinics may not provide aftercare or follow up treatments.

The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPAS) encourages patients to make sure they have frequent contact with their surgeon.

They said: "At BAPRAS we believe that patients should be able to see the plastic surgeon who actually carried out the operations if there are any concerns."

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