A BEAUTICIAN told how she had the worst first date ever and wound up cuffed and locked in a jail cell.

Kerry Linney revealed she downed cocktails and whisky with a guy, who then got behind the wheel.

He wrote off his car while she was in the passenger seat and cops nicked the pair of them because they didn’t know who was to blame.

Terrified Kerry, from Glasgow, was carted off to cells in handcuffs and kitted out in a fetching orange jumpsuit.

At the time of the disastrous date she was living in Dallas, Texas, and thought she’d have a great night with the guy she’d met in a club.

But she said she blacked out and the smash happened as he was attempting to get her back to his place.

Kerry said: “He’s obviously drink driving and crashes the car. Totals it while I’m in the passenger seat. I’ve not got a clue what’s going on.

“The first thing I remember is the police standing in front of me and telling me to sit down and questioning me. The police were really cool. We were lucky.

“They said they couldn’t prove who was driving the car because we  weren’t in the car when they found us or whatever.

"So they were taking us both to jail. This is when I started to sober up, This is serious.”

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Kerry, who’s now back living in Scotland, revealed on her TikTok page she started to sober up when she arrived at the lock-up in Frisco, Texas.

She was ordered to come up with numbers of people she could phone for help.

Kerry said: “I remember I wrote down five numbers – my ex, my pastor and even my boss.

“So many numbers on this little sheet of paper. Then they give me the famous Orange jail clothes with the little slides.”

Because she’d never been in any kind of trouble before Kerry was terrified about who she was going to be thrown into a cell with.

And as she thought about her situation she broke down and couldn’t stop sobbing.

She said: “I lost it emotionally. I was crying. I was a mess. 

“I thought I was going to have to fight for my life. I didn’t know what to expect. Bearing in mind this is my first time ever in jail.”

Kerry frantically started trying her contacts but only got her ex-husband on the line. He called the jail but was told he couldn’t bail her out.

She walked free the next morning and her date agreed to pay her public intoxication fine.

But that was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the last contact they had.

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Kerry revealed: “I couldn’t do a second date, I didn’t know if he spiked me or something.

“I took the crash as a sign.”

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