BACK to school season means saying goodbye to your bikinis, cover-ups, mini shorts, and crop tops.

To avoid the cold chill and being sent to the principal's office, fashion tastemaker Monika Mancini listed four styles of tops that appropriately highlight the curves of young women with big busts.

Depending on the school you go to, your dress code may be more or less strict than others.

Yet, exposing the top of your chest and a little too much cleavage will generally result in a note from the administration, and not the good kind.

Style creator Monika posted a video to help girls with larger chests avoid these reprimands while still wearing a flattering top.

"For my large chested girlies, here are must-have tops for back to school," she says.


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Monika's first recommendation, and her go-to choice, is a bodysuit.

Square neck bodysuits specifically provide full coverage and a sufficient amount of support.

You don't have to worry about too much of your chest showing, and the tight-fitting style is perfect for holding the girls in place.

"It's super flattering on my chest. The great thing about these is that it still shows off your curves, but you won't get dress coded," Monika explains.

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You can also easily hide your bra straps underneath.

Another favorite of Monika's is baby tees.

"You can style them in so many different ways," she says.

A tucked tee and high-waisted jeans are Monika's idea of an effortlessly cute outfit.

Little cardigans are the perfect adjustable option.

Monika explains how you can leave a couple of buttons open at the top to create a V-line effect.

However, pairing this sweater with a little tank top underneath will keep it classy and appropriate.

"You could also wear it open, obviously with a full-length top, but you could just use it as a little cover-up, and it's super cute," she proclaims.

According to Monika, everyone should have a good button-up in their closet.

A button-up can be worn any way you want, but Monika prefers to wear hers open with another tiny top under it.

And they're also easy to fix if there's ever an issue with how you may be wearing it.

"Super video," one viewer commented.

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