A CLEANING enthusiast has shared her review on the viral DIY grout cleaner that's taken the internet by storm.

Although there are plenty of grout cleaning products available on the market, sometimes the best remedies can be found in your home, according to fans on TikTok.

Desperate to give her dirty grout a makeover, TikTok user Lynn Creed (@lynncreed), believed to be from the US, decided to try out a cleaning hack she had seen on the platform.

For this, she demonstrated in the video, you will need only a handful of ingredients.

To make your DIY grout cleaning, add a generous scoop of baking soda to a bowl, before mixing in a splash of white vinegar and a squirt of hydrogen peroxide.

Make sure the bowl is big enough, as the chemicals will cause a reaction and the paste will be full of bubbles.

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Once she had created the mixture, Lynn headed to the section of tiles she wanted to clean and applied a couple of spoonfuls onto the grout.

There, she let is do its magic for a minute and then used a brush to remove the grim build-up.

A little brushing later, Lynn grabbed a clean cloth and gave the area a good wipe.

Seeing just how clean the grout had become, the DIY fanatic couldn't believe what she was seeing.

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''Holy! It works!

''I'm doing the whole floor,'' she chuckled.

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Fellow cleaning enthusiasts were just as amazed, as over a hundred flocked to comments to share their thoughts.

''Woah!!! That looks like it works better than actual grout cleaner!!!'' exclaimed one TikTok user.

Someone else added: ''That happened by accident when I moved into my house. Once I saw it, I had to clean the entire floor!!''

''What the what?!!! Ok I’m doing my kitchen and bathrooms tomorrow! Now you got me wanting to try this!'' a third couldn't wait to make their floors sparkle.

''Use toilet bowl cleaner with bleach! Transformed my floor!'' read one of the many recommendations.

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