IF you are fed up with your 9-5 office slog, you’ve come to the right place.

With the cost of living increasing and many salaries staying the same, many people are looking to side hustles to earn their fortune.

And if that sounds like something up your street, TikTok user ‘itsheatherstudio’ has all the advice you could need.

Heather is a top 1% and 6 figure Etsy Store Owner and went from living on her parent’s couch, having her hours at work cut, to making £250k in a year whilst sitting at home. 

So if things haven’t been going your way recently and you are looking to earn a bit of extra cash, listen up.

Heather explained: “Five years ago I was living on my parent’s couch.

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“Two years ago I had my hours cut during the pandemic after buying a house.

“Today I’m making $10k a month sitting here and nodding my head to owning a six figure Etsy store and now I teach others how to start their own online businesses.

“I made $250k last year on Etsy. It's an EASY, minimal investment and replicable business model that ANYONE can do.

“I tripled my income in one year. I went from $50k to $150k last year and this is a story about how I got here.

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“I began this all in 2020 when the pandemic first happened.

“I had a job in healthcare, I was working as a MRI Tech and I just bought a house.

“After I bought a house, I was cut hours from my healthcare job and I was very blessed to at least have a job at this time, but I was cut hours and it was a time when my bills increased a lot as I had purchased this house.

“I was very distraught and I didn’t know what to do. I knew I needed to find a side hustle or side income at that time.

“One of the nights, I was on call at work and I found a YouTube video talking about Print On Demand and Etsy and I remember I went into that YouTube channel and I watched all their videos that night.

“I decided after that night to start an Etsy and Print on Demand store and honestly it failed the first time.

“My first products were neck gaiters for when everyone was trying to buy masks.

“I actually sold a few neck gaiters but ultimately decided to close my Etsy and Print on Demand store because ultimately I was very scared about the shopping and processing times during the pandemic.

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“During the summer months of 2020, a lot of production times were very delayed.

“It took 2-3 weeks to print the items so I decided to close the store because I didn’t want to have poor reviews for not shipping items to customers.

“Fast forward to December 2020, I decided that shipping times were back up to speed, so maybe I should start an Etsy and Print on Demand store again.

“I reopened my store in January 2021. In January 2021 my store didn’t get any sales until the end of January, basically the last day of January was when I got my first sale.

“In that same year I had $250k of sales and in 2022 I officially quit my job in healthcare. Crazy.”

If Heather’s story sounds appealing to you, here’s how she started her six figure business with just $5. 

Heather continued: “This is my $5 Etsy Print on Demand strategy that took my store from $0 to $250k in one year on Etsy.

“The first $2 you will spend is opening an Etsy store and uploading ten different listings. Every Etsy listing is about $0.20 each.

“The next thing I did was I purchased commercial use licences for graphics and fonts to design my listings.

“After that you’ll want to upload your designs on a high-quality mock-up, for me personally I found quite a few mock-ups for under $1 on Etsy.” 

Heather also shares her simple steps for creating an Etsy business.

She added: “The first thing I did was I uploaded as consistently and as many listings as I could on my new Etsy store, I eventually grew my new Etsy store listings to 300+ listings which eventually just gave me free organic traffic from people finding me through Etsy.

“The second thing I did was I posted on social media as frequently as I could. I also posted on Facebook Groups and mainly Instagram. 

“The third thing I did, I broke through market saturation by having great designs and also focusing on niches that brought up my designs in the Etsy algorithm.” 

If you are thinking about opening an Etsy store but aren’t sure what niche to choose, here are Heather’s top tips.

Heather said: “Here are the three different niches that are highly passionate that you can make well over $100 a day on Etsy.

“The first most profitable niche is the Bachelorette party niche and the reason why this is so profitable is because generally when brides are shopping, they are shopping for their Bachelorette party and will buy multiple t-shirts, mugs, or tumblers as gifts for their Bachelorette party.

“The second best niche to go into is the group and family vacation niche because generally again, people are purchasing between 5-10+ items in this one niche alone.

“The third passionate niche I would recommend is the occupation and career niche. An example of this is as simple as selling teacher t-shirts or teacher gifts. A lot of people really love thies niche and are very passionate about it.”

If Heather’s story has inspired you to quit your 9-5, here is Heather’s advice.

Heather advised: “I am working full time as an Etsy seller with my Print on Demand business and here are a few tips on how to quit your 9-5.

“Step one is to save up at least six months worth of rent and bills to pay, just in case your business doesn’t do so well.

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“The second thing you want to do is build up multiple income streams. You don’t want to just survive on one income stream alone.

“For me, I make money through YouTube monetisation, through TikTok, through courses and then also through my Etsy Print on Demand store – so you want to have multiple streams of income just in case one falls short.”

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