A WOMAN has shared how her first date with a man she met on Hinge went horribly wrong.

Paula Nuchi posted the video to her TikTok account, paula_nuchi, where it has gone viral with over one million views.

The 24-year-old from Texas revealed that she met up with a guy she met on the dating site Hinge for a movie night.

Paula said she turned up two hours late to the date and was tired, naturally, Paula fell asleep whilst watching the film.

The next thing she remembers is farting herself awake whilst he was awake and holding her.

We've all had embarrassing moments on a first date, Paula captioned the video: "If he doesn’t text me at all today we know why."

Users couldn't help but laugh at Paula's story and couldn't wait to see if he did ever text her again.

In a later video, Paula revealed what happened next.

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She revealed that she ended up texting him first, waited an hour for his response which was dishearteningly just a one-word message.

Paula said she even send him the TikTok video she made about farting herself awake like 'Bozo the clown'.

She said she was really into him and they had been texting for a few weeks prior to the date.

Apparently, he was fine with her turning up two hours late, and they began to watch the film, before she fell asleep she could feel that she needed to blow-off but managed to suppress it.

But when she fell asleep it had escaped, the two exchanged an awkward look, but he ignored it and also fell asleep.

In the morning, Paula made the TikTok video whilst still at his house and showed him it, the rest of the day went well and he walked her to her car when she left and even asked her to message him when she was home.

Paula did message him to let him know that the video she posted about farting herself awake had gone viral, which he seemed to take well and wrote; "LMAO, damn you."

She decided after only receiving a short text back that she was done with the guy and users couldn't get over Paula's story.

One user exclaimed: "GIIIIIIRRRLL THIS IS PEAK ENTERTAINMENT thank u for sharing."

"GIRLL THIS IS A WHOLE MESSSS let me know if he did text again cuz wow. I would just throw the whole man away and start over." Wrote another user.

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