IF money were no object, we'd have a makeup bag and skincare routine packed full of high-end luxury products – but aside from the odd thing here and there, our collection is made up of more or less all high-street products.

Although we'd always just assumed we were missing out on envy-inducing fluttery lashes which our budget just couldn't stretch to, celebrity makeup artist Courtney Hart says otherwise.

Earlier this week, the beauty expert – who has worked with Hilary Duff and Glenn Close – shared the one item she hates buying from expensive brands and insisted that high street versions are just as good.

In a viral TikTok video that's been viewed by over 770,000 people, Courtney said: "I'm a professional makeup artist and I can say confidently that you do not need to spend money on this product.

"I use basically all very high-end products because I work with celebrity clients and that's just what we have to do.

"But this one thing, I just don't see any difference between high-end and low-end and you should just not waste your money."


Urging beauty fans to just stick to their local CVS or Target [or Boots or Superdrug if you're UK-based], Courtney added: "Just get your mascara there.

"I have never used a high-end mascara and been like, 'WHOA this is different!'"

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And considering how luxury makeup brands often charge double or even THREE times the price of high-street brands, this is one piece of advice we'll happily stick to.

The clip has racked up over 42,000 "likes" since it was posted earlier this week and prompted people to share their favourite products in the comments.

Raving about her £3.10 go-to mascara, TikTok makeup infleuncer Mikayla Nogueira replied: "Essence lash princess."

Another added: "Yup! [I've been a makeup artist fot 20+ years] and I either use the tride and true Great Lash by Maybelline or the Voluminous by L’Oréal."

Meanwhile a third wrote: "I say this all the time! Plus mascara goes rancid quickly, so I don’t want to spend more than I have to if I’m replacing it more often!"

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