WORKING as a Hooters Girl comes with ample perks but also its fair share of challenges and judgments.

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, Hooters girl Elliana Marie shared her experience working with the famous breastaurant.

Elliana Marie is from Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is about an hour out of Nashville, Tennesse.

The college student, now 20, began working at Hooters a year ago.

She signed up on a whim because she needed a quick job – and wanted to work somewhere fun.

“I would describe it as kind of like a sorority, but you’re serving people food," she said about the establishment.

Her application process was a bit unique.

Typically, women submit online a photo of their face, a resume, or email someone who works at the restaurant.

But Elliana direct messaged the @hootiecuties Instagram page which has a large following of over 57,000.

She described the initial interview as "really chill and laid back," and the manager asked standard questions, such as "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

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After the first interview, she tried on a uniform and took pictures in it, which surprised her at first.

Then upon being hired, she was trained by a senior Hooters Girl.

Ellian clarified that Hooters Girls are classed as entertainers – not servers.

She was shocked by how openly-friendly everyone was, even before she started working there.

Her Hooters location was laid back at first, but there are several strict uniform rules that the female servers have to follow.

Shirts must be tucked neatly into the shorts' waistband, apron pouches can't be slouchy, stockings can't be ripped, and women can’t wear necklaces or glitter nails.

“Basically, we have to look pretty put together and like the image of the original Hooters girl, fantasy image,"she admitted.

To make sure they all follow the dress code, her workplace lines them up in the back and critiques them, and also makes them watch videos to see the proper dress code.

Elliana typically makes the most money on nights when there are sporting events.

The most she ever made in tips was $500 on a UFC fight night, but she does know some coworkers with customer service backgrounds who made $1,000 in one shift.

At her location, some nights Hooters Girls can make $300 for working a double shift and others may make the mid-$200s.

When it comes to tips, the waitresses who make the most typically have "big personalities."

Elliana had a "secret"which is a surefire way to break customers' hearts that she thought would be helpful in getting bigger tips.

“Bombard the customers. The girl who bombards the most customers gets the most tips, and sometimes flirting and making flirty jokes," she divulged.

Many women rely on tips because the base salary in Kentucky is $7 per hour, though it does vary from state to state.

Though she loves the work environment, the college student has had her fair share of creepy customers as well.

“There was this man who was in here with a group of his friends, and I shook his hand, and immediately cut me off and started telling me how attractive I am," she detailed.

She took his order and he said he liked his wings how he liked his women, “hot and naked."

“There was another man who had a black book of every girl filled with details about her and her life," she shared.

She admitted that the comments made her feel weird and very gross.

“It's a good balance of really creepy and great customers,” she explained.

Elliana also took the opportunity to dispel common misconceptions about Hooters girls.

"Hooters gets a bad rap but a lot of girls are very smart and are in nursing school or college in general,” she said.

She also mentioned that the food location is not full of a bunch of "grown, horny men."

“I get family tables, girls with their friends, teens with their friends,” she added.

Her ex-boyfriend once made a comment saying that "you just work at Hooters," but Elliana is currently pursuing her nursing degree and also works at a nursing home.

Alongside her two jobs, the brunette beauty also has been bitten by the pageant bug.

She competed in the Miss Kentucky USA pageant in February and recently applied for the Hooters calendar on the website, but hasn't heard back yet.

The Hooters calendar appealed to her because it "seems super chill" and means she gets to meet other girls in other locations.

She applied to the Central Region using professional photos, and if she doesn't get picked, she plans to apply next year.

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What is also so great about the calendar is that there isn't an age limit to participate.

Her feelings about Miss Kentucky will be an indicator of whether or not she'll compete in the Hooters pageant one day.

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