A MONEY-SAVING mum has revealed what you should really pick up from B&M to save money – and the secret items that will actually cost you more.

Heidi Ondrak, 52, from Devon, UK, regularly shares money-saving tips on her TikTok account, @duchessofthrift.

In a recent video, the mum-of-two said: "I have come to B&M to show you what I buy in B&M and what I would avoid buying."

Heidi revealed which deals were worth picking up as well as which other shops have better deals.

The first thing the bargain hunter picked up was B&M's instant noodle packets which cost 34p.

She added: "These noodles are cheaper than Aldi, definitely cheaper than Sainsbury's."


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Next, she made her way to the tinned goods aisle full of Heinz products, but Heidi revealed that you're better off buying own brand tins at the supermarkets to save some cash.

But there is one food item Heidi loves picking up from B&M, the Mayflower range which includes lots of condiments like soy sauce for 65p, and her favourite item, Chinese Salt and Chili Pepper seasoning.

Making her way to the laundry aisle the savvy mum revealed she wouldn't pick up anything from there.

She explained: "All of this stuff, you're better off going to Aldi's.

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"I know it's all branded, but you know what?

"It just washes your clothes the same and it's not cheap in here."

Heidi then made her way to the homeware section of the store, and spotted an Urban Outfitters dupe well worth picking up in B&M.

She found a 'Get Naked' bath mat and revealed: "These bath mats are really, really good value because Urban Outfitters has the same ones and they're £30 so for 9 quid they're pretty good."

B&M is also selling Teddy duvet sets for £25, but the mum revealed the same sets are currently on sale in Dunelm for just £12.50.

Next, the mum found some stunning wicker lampshades for £25, which look like Abigail Ahern designs and retail for £100 or more.

Heidi also recommended passing over the saucepans in B&M as well as the candles.

Instead, the mum recommended picking up candles in Primark especially if you want one that has a scent.

She also found a bunch of decorative vases that were on trend and cheaper than The Range.

Finally, Heidi said not to buy the small baking trays which cost £2.50 each.

She added: "These are just a waste of money.

"Like £2.50, and if you bought them for a family of 4 and you did individual pies you're spending a tonne on something you don't even need."

The video soon went viral with over 46k views and people quickly took the comments to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "This is so helpful. I often wondered about the tins in there. thanks so much."

Another person commented: "Love this, bedding in B&M is the worst!!"

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"Absolutely appalled by b&m these days. Used to go in every week as the prices were great. Very overpriced now so avoid," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "B&M candles are terrible. They don’t smell of anything."

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