A PAEDIATRICIAN shared the most frustrating and impractical advise new mums are often given.

Dr Amna Husain explained that the classic new mum tip to "sleep while the baby is sleeping" is actually very unhelpful.

The medical professional shared her annoyance at the advise in a TikTok video, that has been liked more than 12k times.

In the short clip she demonstrated "the most impractical piece of advice created".

The doctor can be seen acting out a skit where she plays the part of the exhausted mother and the "helpful" advisers.

She starts off as the new mum, saying: "It's so hard. I'm just so tired."

In the next frame, she cuts to the doctor who said: "Sleep when the baby sleeps."

To which the mum replied: "But when do I eat?"

Next she shows a nurse offering the advice: "Sleep when the baby sleeps."

And the mum responded: "And who cleans the bottles? And laundry?"

In the following frame she acts as everyone else, saying: "Sleep when the baby sleeps!"

She captioned the video with: "Once you been there, you know."

Fellow TikTokers were quick to agree with the doctor.

One said: "And not everyone can just pass out and wake right back up every 30 minutes…"

Another said: "It's even more fun when there's more than one kid! Ok, I'll just let the 2yo burn the house down while I nap w/baby."

A third agreed: "When my baby sleeps 45 minutes and it takes me 35 minutes to wind down so I'm just more tired/groggy."

And another said: "Yesss, also I can't just fall asleep on command it takes me like 15 minutes to wind down and by the time I fall asleep the baby is waking back up."

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