A HOT 48-year-old cougar has revealed heaps of younger men are desperate to be her cubs.

TikTok user Tara (@tara26000016), believed to be from the US, is no stranger to hopeful would-be Romeos – and in fact, she doesn't seem to mind… as long as they're younger.

The 48-year-old nan revealed that she prefers her men to be maximum 28 – although she does occasionally go on dates witrh blokes her age, she typically wakes up to younger guys.

The mum regularly uploads videos of herself in slinky outfits, in one such admitting that she will doesn't have any intentions to be in a relationship with someone closer to her years.

Answering when she will date someone her own age, Tara revealed: ''I think it's gonna be a long, long time.

''If you want to stop me, you're gonna have to f*****g kill me,'' she added.

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It comes as no surprise that her enviable figure and stunning looks have amassed her a notable fanbase on TikTok, where she boasts close to 845k followers.

Amongst the thousands of fans are also those who are desperate to become one of her cubs, with one romantic wondering: ''Do you want another one?''

Someone else asked: ''Do you want another one?''

''I volunteer as a tribute cub!'' a third chuckled.

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''oh I bet there's few hundred of us cubs lining up,'' another bloke commented.

Recently, a sassy cougar revealed she had decided to ditch the bra – and men have lined up to thank her for "setting her puppies free."

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The cool cat revealed her decision to her herd of TikTok followers.

Podcaster and content creator Karen Lee Poter (@karenleepoter) took to TikTok on day three of her no bra movement.

"Day three, no bra," she said in the video.

"Oh yeah," a man could be heard raving off camera.

The video came as a part of an ongoing movement of women choosing to go bra-free.

Some swear by boob tape, a fashion hack used to secure their chest without a brassiere.

Others choose to go for dresses and tops with built-in bust support, nixing the need for a bra.

The video also came as part of an effort to tackle ageism online.

Many older women online are proudly declaring themselves to be "cougars."

The trend is addressing misconceptions about women's style and sexuality as they age.

The video drew in many admirers, who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Several fans of Karen's "ban the bra" initiative praised her TikTok post.

"Gorgeous," one wrote. "Thank you for making my day."

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"Set the puppies free," another added.

"Very nice," a third commented.

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